Hope you enjoy your stay…

The article title is Court jails N.Y. Times reporter.

I read that and did a jig.

Here’s the gist as I understand it…

Two reporters–one from the N.Y. Times, one from Time magazine–have been under pressure from the government to reveal a source who leaked the identity of a covert, I’ll say that again, a covert CIA agent. Both have refused to name their source.

And now one, Judith Miller, is going to jail.

I say good.

This is the problem with fucking reporters. They feel like they can do whatever they want, then run and hide behind “freedom of the press” when they fuck up and print something that could endanger someone’s life.

No. It doesn’t work that way.

Freedom of the press doesn’t give you the right to print whatever you want without responsibility, you jackoffs.

Did you think it was okay to print the name of a covet CIA agent and not expect any repercussions? Honestly? How fucking stupid are you?

Cooper, one of the reporters pressured to talk, said her jailing “is a sad day not only for journalists, but for our country.”

Hey Coop, how did you manage that quote with your head up your ass? Talk to people outside of your field, numbnuts. Many, many people are supporting this. We are tired of this shit.

What if something happens to this lady because of your thoughtlessness? Oh, wait, it’s not your responsibility. Freedom of the press and all.

Well fuck you.

Hey Ms. Miller, I hope you enjoy your prison stay. Don’t think for one second you don’t deserve it.

It’s a fucking cartoon…

I have a buddy who watches anime, but doesn’t defend it. He just likes it. I can dig that.

What I don’t get, however, are the people who defend anime like it’s some kind of art form.

Hey, knuckleheads, it’s a fucking cartoon. That’s it. A cartoon.

Just because it’s made in Japan doesn’t make it anything special. It’s no different from The Simpsons or Family Guy. And watching a cartoon from Japan doesn’t make you elite.

Come out of the basement of the science building, kids. You’re defending cartoons.