I’m not just a member…

About 10:00 today, an email came in from one of my co-workers in another office looking for an Outlook fix.

Unfortunately, I was tied up helping some other users and I didn’t get to him in a timely manner.

About 3:00 today, an email came in from the same co-worker that said, “What? No love for this office?”

My reply:


I’m forwarding this to Trudy because we don’t, in fact, like you. Much less love you.

Maybe Trudy likes you enough to help you out.

Thanks Trudy!!!


5 minutes later, I got his reply:

I’m not just a member, I’m the fucking President.

Just another day in the inbox…

My roommate sent the following email to me and my friend, Jafo, yesterday.

I read online someone took their beta fish to the vet. I also saw where they’re asking the most humane way to kill a fish that’s sick. Am I cruel and heartless in that I’d look to the toilet for both situations? Am I not fit to be a fish owner?

Before I had read it, Jafo had replied with:

Wide open door for us to stroll through here in terms of what kind of things you aren’t fit to own. Just a gaping hole for us to stream foul, evil comments through. Thanks for that.

As far as fish go, for most of your generic aquarium fish, if that stuff that pet stores have that you squeeze into their tanks when they are stressed doesn’t work, the toilet is effective. For actually wanting to kill one, they could freeze it. Or do what one of my roommates did with one of his – chuck it in a plastic shopping bag and slam it into a wall and the ground.

Shit. I can’t top that.

Sometimes it’s better to just watch things unfold.

I want to be cool…

I went and picked myself up a moleskin notebook today because I want to be cool like Renaldo and Lesley.

I had some reservations because Borders had these things so damn shrinkwrapped that I couldn’t check them out before I dropped the $14.95 on the one I wanted.

So I stole it. I’ll be damned if I’m going to drop coin on something I can’t even check out.

Okay, okay. That’s a lie. I bought it anyway because of the good word on it from, as said, Renaldo and Lesley, in addition to Renaldo’s stellar review of them.

I mean when a seemingly normal guy goes nuts over a little notebook, how could I not buy one?

Anyway, I opened it up when I got home and I must admit that it’s pretty nice. I can see myself buying many of these. Hell, Hemingway used one and he was a pretty popular guy from what I hear.

Maybe I’ll write the Great American Novel in a few of them.

Or ideas for the next NaNoWriMo.

Either way, it was a solid purchase because it’s the kind of notebook you want to fill up with words. Not just any words, either. Any words should be relegated to the likes of those spiral notebooks from the other side of town. The words one puts in a moleskin better be carefully chosen because the Moleskin Notebook has no time for any Tom Foolery.