Yes, I’m a wordpress fanboi…

I updated the wordpress software over the weekend and, unfortunately for me, my other template is too buggy to use until they update it.

I take it in stride though, as I am a dork and get much glee tweaking templates to my liking. I think I found a template I like (this one, for now) and I’m going to dig into it over the next couple weeks to see if I can make it the way I like it.

As I was updating, and running into flaws with my template, it dawned on me that paying for my site versus using blogger is a lot like owning versus renting.

While I don’t mind updating the software, I have to admit I would much rather have someone do it for me. With blogger, your landlord does all the dirty work. He’ll update your software and get the bugs worked out, all at no cost to you.

With your own domain, you have to update the software and work out the bugs yourself (with a lot of help from google and the people out there creating these great templates).

But, for me, they payoff is worth it — much like home owning. If something goes buggy in blogger, you have to wait until they, the landlords, fix it. And I know everyone who’s uses blogger on a frequent basis has lost a post at least once (autosave on wordpress, baby). When I noticed the issues with my template, I had the option of jumping on it right away and not having to wait. Yep, it’s a little more trouble, but it’s well worth it to me.

Plus, blogger is incredibly limited with their templates. Sure, you can create your own, and I’ve seen some kick ass templates out there on blogger. But, for the most part, unless you know your coding well, you aren’t going to do an incredible amount of changes to your site — either on the outside, or the inside. Even if the templates were equal, the options offered on wordpress are leagues better than what blogger has to offer.

Yeah, I’m a wordpress fanboi. Dammit.