You’re better off moving on to the next post…

I’ve been completely strapped for ideas as of late, so I dug up some recent ebay feedback I’ve left.

Since most of my blog readers are friends, most of you will get at least one of these.

If you don’t know me, you may find some humor in these, but most likely not. You’re better off moving on to the next post.

Without further ado, here they are. The bolded stuff is the actual comment.

Seller shipped film with a bag of popcorn! POPCORN! Most dreamyest ebayer ever! – Seller has since complained that everyone will now expect popcorn with their shipments.

Ron’s diaroma of Joe’s trip to Alaska was a big hit on the forum. — It really was.

I think TBS is shipping out these DVDs before I win them. IT’S LIKE MAGICK! — If you are looking for great deals on TV boxsets, look up tbsdvd on ebay. Guy is amazing. I win them on Wednesday, and have DVDs by Friday. Every time.

I don’t care what Tom says, “Anime” means “Cartoon” in Japanese. — It really does.

I bought this so a Criterion fanboy couldn’t have it. Now I will burn it. — I should have said “destroy it”, as “burn” has different implications now. Dammit.

Now wrylab is trying to get me to see Chicago. Dude is out of control. — Sad part is, I don’t even know wrylab’s real name. He’s a friend of a friend.

I shook Sergeant Slaughter’s hand tonight. SERGEANT SLAUGHTER! — That was an exciting night.

In the land of Emo, there is but one King: Tom. He hurts himself so you can’t.Tom cries a lot.

Myspace friend or not, I will never go to an Air Supply concert with wrylab. — Wrylab is out of control.

Joe’s dog is not a dog but a cat. Joe likes to dress his cat in pretty sweaters. — Joe’s “dog” is a pug. Joe makes sweaters for it. It’s quite sickening.

Seller’s a LIFE SAVER. He’s not even a pharmacist! ZOMG HOW IS IT POSSIBLE!!! — I know at least 3 people that will get that and laugh.

Did you know that Ted Bundy’s first dog was a collie named Lassie? — Seller responded with “great transaction”.

Unlike brushing your dogs teeth with your own toothbrush, teenagegrubworm rocks! — Seller responded with “I like beans.” He gets it.

Real and Lesley are hateful. But Recordrow-blowout rocks! Deal with Recordrow! — And they are hateful.

I was sad when Snooze gave up coffee. This transaction made me happy again!!!! — I still wish Snooze would come back to the dark roasted side, if she hasn’t.

Excellent transaction. The book has vampires, blood and es ee ex. Good times. — Canned response from seller.

Excellent transaction. Juniper Lane’s singer makes me feel all funny inside. — And she does.

Seargent Slaughter!

Monday meme…

Today’s Monday meme is brought to you by HotDudi, over at Happy Vibes, who tagged me with this meme.

Rules: You go to Wikipedia, type in your birthday (month and day) & you list 3 events, 2 births, 1 holiday, and tag 5 friends.

Easy enough, here we go:


1956 – Elvis Presley sings “Heartbreak Hotel” on the Milton Berle Show, with an estimated 25% of the United States population viewing. — I, too, ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog.

1974 – The Super Outbreak occurs, with 148 tornadoes affecting 13 U.S. states and 1 Canadian province, the biggest tornado outbreak in recorded history. The death toll is 315, with nearly 5,500 injured.

1996 – Suspected “Unabomber” Theodore Kaczynski is arrested at his Montana cabin.
— The man just wanted to be away from people. I can dig that.


1783 – Washington Irving, American author (d. 1859) — Wrote The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I write this blog, and will one day be a legend. There is something there, I think.

1942 – Wayne Newton, American singer — Haha. Wayne Newton.

1968 – Sebastian Bach, Canadian musician (Skid Row) — My crime is time, and it’s 18 and life to go.


Sizdah be dar (Outdoor thirteen). In Iran, people play jokes on each other on April 3, the thirteenth day of the Persian calendar new year (Norooz). — Fitting.

Since all my interweb friends have been tagged but four, I’m gonna hit:

Ace — cause he digs memes I think.
Fnord — because he only updates when someone dies.
Mitch — because he needs to update.
Aric — because I’m curious to see his answers.

With a bonus of LFH — because that sonovabitch hasn’t updated in forever.

Unless they are on sale…

I bought my first pair of Chuck Taylors when I was in 7th grade.

They were the black ones. Not the all black ones — I would get those later — just the plain old original black ones.

I remember seeing them in footlocker, and having to have them. They certainly weren’t the first time I’d seen Chucks, but I remember it being the first time I saw them in Real Life. Plus, they weren’t white. They were black. Up to that point, they were the coolest shoes I’d ever seen (with the exception, of course, being laceless Vans). Fuck your Air Jordans.

So I convinced my mom to buy them.

Boy, did I get my ass laughed at when I wore them to school. Almost everyone made fun of my shoes, with the exception of the skaters I knew. But I didn’t throw them out. No sir. I loved those shoes. I didn’t care if the kids made fun of me. Wait, scratch that. I think in 7th grade, you do care if kids make fun of you. You are a liar if you deny that. But I didn’t care enough, I think. The shoes were best pair I’ve ever had (uncomfortable as they were).

As it usually goes, Chucks became real popular the next year. All the asses that made fun of me the year before were now wearing Chucks. What can you do.

Over the years, I’ve owned numerous pairs of Chuck Taylors. I’ve had the aforementioned black pair. I’ve had the black black pair (black sole, black star, black canvas), a maroon pair, a flannel (yes, flannel) pair, low top grays, and on and on. But also, over the years, I’ve stopped buying Chucks. I can’t justify $50 for them. When I was buying them, they were about $20. Over the years, they’ve gone up (and, in some cases, over) $50. That boggles my mind. As much as I love them, they aren’t worth the coin anymore.

Unless they are on sale.

Last week, I was up at my cousin’s wedding party, and me and my other cousin (the one not married) and some other family members hit the mall. I popped into Journeys (a pretty damn cool shoe store) as I was waiting for my cousin and his friends to finish looking at games in the next store over. I was about to leave when the salesman pointed out the clearance section. And there they were. On sale for $19.99. It was as if a light came down from the heavens and shined on my latest pair of Chuck Taylors.

Sailer Jerry Chucks

I know some of my friends will dig ’em. I know some will give me holy hell for ’em. But I’m not in middle school anymore, and this time, I really don’t give a shit. 😆