I’m just throwing some random things out there…

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the premier for Kevin Kangas’ Fear of Clowns 2, the sequel to, well duh, Fear of Clowns. That’s right, I just whored my own review.

Anyway, if you are expecting a blog about said premier, you can forget it. I’m currently working on a report for HorrorTalk (whoring link #2), and that will be the exclusive (both review and report).

I will throw a couple pics out from it, though. I’m testing yet another plugin for WordPress (sorry, Mitch :lol:). I’ve not been liking the way lightbox goes under my now playing plugin, and I think this new one will fix it. I will probably have to spend some time modifying it, as I prefer some sort of border around the picture, but I’m not jumping on it just yet.  One of the things I really like about it is it takes all of my pics in a post and lumps them together.  Meaning, when you click one, there are arrows that you can click (left or right) and scroll throw all of the pics in that particular post, without having to open, close, open, close, etc.  Plus, you can click anywhere on the pic, and it will close it (as opposed to hitting the little “X” before.  For those interested, the plugin is called “Shutter Reloaded“, and it’s tiny. It’s only like 7k.

The first pic is from the premier. It’s me and a gentlemen named Bullet. Bullet is a fantastically funny man who has a small role in Clowns 2. He’s one of those guys who you meet once and never forget. The second pic is me, Leanna Chamish and my buddy Zig. Leanna is a wonderful person, who also has a role in Clowns 2 and has starred in — among other things — all of Timewarp Films’ movies. Zig, as said, is a buddy. His movie, Blood Oath (whoring #3) should be hitting the shelves soon, too.

Me and Bullet! Me, Leanna, Zig

So what is this post about? Hell, I really don’t know. I’m just throwing some random things out there.

My cousin and his woman came down this past weekend, and we went to my sister’s yearly crab feast. That was a grand time (as it always is), made grander by the arrival of my friends Zig and Ann (spell that right, Zig?) and Melinda and Dave. I hadn’t seen Melinda in a year, and Dave in probably five, so there was a lot of catching up. It’s too bad my friend, Martin, buddy fucked me at the party, but I really can’t fault him too much. Vague, yes. I may or may not get into that at a later date. We’ll see.

I grabbed a shot of my cousin and his woman. It turned out pretty damn good. I imagine he wants it. I’ll get around to emailing it to him. He never reads this blog, so I’m not worried about him bitching at me.

The coz and his woman.

Got word that Deadhunt, the movie I worked on/co-produced two years ago (whoring #4), is just a couple weeks away from being available to buy. Can’t wait for that!

Been wondering lately why people, who aren’t wrestlers, insist on referring to themselves in third person. I can’t wrap my head around that At All. (Nicki, I’m not referring to your “I am Nicki’s X” posts at all. I get those. They make me laugh). Wondertwin is down on this, for sure.

Pretty much locked into another camping trip around the end of the month. This time it looks to be a cabin. Don’t know if that counts as camping. But I’m sure it will count as good times.

Oh, before I leave, I’d like to thank the lady who was yelling at her son to stand to the right and put his elbow down so people could walk past him on the elevator today when I was heading down to the metro. That was very cool of you. It would have been better if you smacked the little assmonkey on the head, but I’m cool with the yelling.

We’ll see how many edits I’ll have to do…

I’m testing yet another new gadget.  This one is “Windows Live Writer”.

Since the picture upload capability is probably the most important (let’s face it, any program can do the text), here’s a cheesy pic from the camping trip a few weeks back.

We’ll see how many edits I’ll have to do.


Holy cow!

It looks like the lightbox relation picked it up automatically without me doing a thing.

I think the only thing I will have to work on is tags.  This program makes it easy, so I’ll give it a quick whirl.


Looks like I’ll just have to make one adjustment to the code when I post pictures with this program.  Not bad at all.

For those interested, here’s the link to the program.

Social butterfly…

Social butterfly.That’s what my friend, Mykl, called me last week.

That’s why I haven’t updated this blog in, like, forever.

The fact that he called me a social butterfly is funny on numerous levels, number one being I generally dislike people, and I dislike being around them even more. But, alas, I can’t deny that I have been fluttering around all sorts of gatherings as of late.

The big gathering, of course (and what this blog will be about) is HorrorFind 2007. Or, as I like to call it, Dorkfest 2007. My friends laugh when I call HorrorFind a dorkfest. Especially since it’s the one thing I look forward to most every August. For five (or six) years, I’ve been going. In its most basic nutshell, HorrorFind is a horror convention, where horror stars, past and present, show up and sign autographs for exorbitant fees, and it has a dealer room extraordinaire where you can get all sorts of goodies from DVDs to posters to shirts to action figures to serial killer snowglobes (I have three).

The first two HorrorFinds I went to, it was all about meeting the stars. Linda Blair, Bruce Campbell, Gunnar Hanson, Angela Bettis, Tony Todd and on and on. But, with each passing year, it’s become more of an opportunity to see friends I haven’t seen in a while (sometimes since the previous year, sometimes I meet “online” friends for the first time). And an opportunity to drink and have a good time. This year was no exception.

This year is one of my favorites (the other being two years ago, when it seemed that everybody who was anybody came down to Baltimore for the party. Tom, Ron, Tressa, Nicki, Eric, Travis, Fred, Joe, Kevin, JP, Matt, Hubert. Hell, I think everyone was there). But this year, while my friends Tom, Ron and Tressa couldn’t make it, everyone else could (including my buddy Andy, who flew in from Washington).

Hopefully, my friends from Europe — Rosie, Dan and Milos — can come down for the weekend one year. As well as everyone else from HorrorTalk that haven’t made it out just yet.

I haven’t taken pics with celebrities in a couple years. But a couple months ago I won a pretty penny in Atlantic City, so I socked it away so I could go all out at the convention.

First up, John Franklin and Courntey Gaines (who played Isaac and Malachi, respectively, in Children of the Corn) . Somehow, Gaines ended up at the same party I was at Saturday night. That was cool.

I couldn’t resist taking a snap with Tom Noonan, star of films like Heat and Manhunter. This cat has got to be 6’4″ or more. I’m 6′ for reference.

Danielle Harris is in the new Rob Zombie’s Halloween. Not to mention the roles she had in Halloween 4 and 5. She’s a hot tamale.

No HorrorFind is complete without a pic with Tom Savini. If you’ve watched horror movies, chances are you’ve seen his work. He’s done effects for films such as Dawn of the Dead (’78), Friday the 13th and Creepshow. He is a master.

Me and Eric pimp the upcoming Timewarp film release of Deadhunt. Eric wrote it, we both produced it, so you better damn well buy it! (Plus, we are in the deleted scenes, and mentioned in the commentary by director Joe Ripple and the late, great, Don Dohler!)

I couldn’t resist getting a couple of group shots with my friends. The first is most of us from HorrorTalk who could make it. The second is Andy (on my shoulders), Matt (to Andy’s left) and Eric. We were pretty much gone at this point. Shocking.

And last, but certainly not least, I’d like to throw out a special thanks to Nicki for leaving me that special gift in my bathroom. I couldn’t wait to put it to use.

I can’t wait until next year.

I made a mental note…

The weekend before last, I went camping with some guys from work. Before you ask, yes, it was in a tent. Not a camper. Not a cabin. Not a Holiday Inn. A bonafide tent, sleeping bags and all.

We’ve been planning to do this for well over a year (when I happened to pick up a tent at Target on clearance for $20 (originally $149!!!!) and a sleeping bag for $7 (marked down from $40!!!) , but shit always happened. Yet, finally, one of the guys said screw it, we’re doing this, and he arranged everything so we didn’t have any more excuses. So we packed our bags, our fishing poles, our tents and our coolers and headed down to Virginia Beach for a weekend of roughing it.

We hit the site late, about 11:30, on Friday night and started to break camp (is that the right term?). Somehow, I got in charge of putting together the tents. Like I said, I haven’t been camping in 15 years, so, in turn (obviously), I haven’t thrown together a tent in as long.

It took me about 40 minutes to get the first one together.

Fortunately, my buddy Steve jumped in midway through (as he was done helping unloading the vehicles), and the next tent took us only about 15 minutes. I’m thinking a lot of it had to do with the fact that the two tents were exactly the same.

By the time we were done, the food was just about cooked up. So we settled around the fire, drank a little, ate a little, smoked a little (cigarettes, fools) and talked a lot. It was probably about 2 a.m. before we decided to call it a night. But before we went to bed, I made the following speech:

“Guys,” I said, “in every group there’s that one guy that wakes up before anyone else. And a lot of times, that guy hates being up by himself and feels compelled to wake everyone else up. Well, if you’re that guy, don’t. Everyone hates you.”

They laughed. We turned in.

Holy shit, was the ground this hard 15 years ago? I made a mental note, buy an inflatable mattress for the next time.

6:30 I was awakened by that guy in our group. “Get up soldiers!” was the call. I instantly wanted to kill him. Steve, who was my tentmate (or whatever the hell you want to call it), agreed with me. But since it was the guy who had got it together, and was cooking breakfast, we decided to let him live.

I won’t go into all the details of the trip, except we had a blast. We wandered around the campsite, making fun of other campers (especially that family that was doing tai chi every time we walked past their site. I shit you not. And it was worse because they were crackers. My other friend — who also happens to be named Steve — who is Asian said, “What’s wrong with you white people?” I didn’t have an answer).

Here are pics. One, two prove we were actually in tents. Two, I’m an attention whore. Not as bad as some, but one nonetheless. As always, click on them and they get bigger. You might have to scroll down a bit, as my last.fm plugin will overlay the picture. I haven’t figured out how to fix that, yet.

Mornings suck. This is early on Saturday. Probably an hour or so after we were awakened. I’m on the right, my ex-bro-inlaw is on the left.

See!  Tents! The two big tents are the ones Steve and I set up. The guy sitting down is the other Steve that went.

Comfiest bed on the site. That’s my ex-bro-inlaw, again. He was originally going to sleep in a tent. He slept in his truck, instead. Smart.

ZOMG CRABS FROM THE SKY! We found a dead crab. I put it on my head.

Good eats. We cooked over the fire. No microwave here, kids! (They didn’t have electrical outlets).

Bait. Riggo caught a fish. Stefan (again, my ex-bro-inlaw) suggested we use it as bait. That’s what happened. Jaws got away.

Burn baby burn. Now that’s a fire!

All in all, it was good times. We’re already planning another one for October or November. I’m looking forward to it.