Seems like a pisspoor excuse to me…

In 2005/2006, I produced and busted ass working on a movie called Dead Hunt (which, by the way, was written by a fellow blogger, Ace, with effects done by another fellow blogger, Mitch).

Anywho, it is finally out on DVD. I say finally because I wanted it out the weekend after we were finished shooting, but no luck. Apparently there’s thing called “post-production” where they put everything together and you don’t have a 400 hour movie. Seems like a pisspoor excuse to me, but what can you do.

So if you are interested in seeing my fatass acting, I am in the the deleted scenes with one line. I’m filmed doing nothing as one of the actresses fell through a box (ironic, because I was supposed to make sure nothing like that happened) in the blooper reel and I have a pretty damn funny line in the behind the scenes documentary (if I don’t say so myself). Well, the line is not really original, but my delivery is comical. Maybe.

Anyway, just buy the damn thing. Clicking here will take you to CreateSpace. I’ve purchased from these cats before with 0 problems. Fast service, too. $20 gets you five minutes of me on a two-dvd set.

And we all know five minutes of me is priceless.