There’s always next time…

I’m sitting here at Midas waiting for my brakes to be installed, and I’m saddened by the fact that I drank my last Mello Yello the other night.

One thing I love doing when traveling to different places is checking out the local beverages. When I went to Tennessee, I knew there were some drinks I definitely wanted to look for, like Mello Yello and anything I have not tried.

On the drive out to Texas, we stopped at a gas station to fill up, and, while perusing the many choices of juices and sodas, I found one I had to buy:

In case you can’t read it, that, ladies and gentlemen, is a Strawberry Manilow. Honestly, when you see a juice called that, how could you pass it up?  Especially when it’s put out by Jones fucking Soda (who, by the way, makes the Best Cream Soda Ever).

Of course, once Zig and David saw the drink I had purchased, they had their fun.

“You like your lips around that Strawberry Manilow?”

“You gonna swallow all that Manilow has to offer?”

“So tell us, Stewie, how does Manilow taste? Salty? Sweet?”

It was actually a little too sweet, but filling and an overall a pleasant experience (not unlike Mandy, who gave and gave without taking).

Now, getting all the way back to the Mello Yello, one thing I regret is I neglected to buy more than one 12 pack of Mello Yello while I was down there. For those who don’t know, Mello Yello was Coke’s attempt to compete with Mountain Dew, but it never fully took off — except in the Southern regions. Which kind of sucks, too. While I prefer the Dew over Mello Yello (that’s right, kid), I still wish I had the option to mix it up some. Especially since I found out Mello Yello had a cherry flavor that I never (and probably will never) got a chance to try.

Such is life. I guess it will be one of those things that Mello Yello will taste that much better when I am given the opportunity to have it. (On a complete side note, I seriously miss the fact that every restaurant in Tennessee seemingly has sweet tea. Not so much in Maryland. I drank the shit out of sweet tea while I was down there, and my kidneys hated me for it.)

One last thing, one place I have to have to have to go next time I’m in Tennessee is Bar-B-Cutie. I’m a sucker for advertising, and I loved hers.

I actually went into the restaurant to buy a coffee mug, but they only sold shirts. And, much to my dismay, they didn’t have any fat boy sizes in stock.

There’s always next time, though.



Well, this is the first day in about a week that I this site loads in a relatively quick time.  I’ve been begging GoDaddy for over a month now to fix the problem, and every time I get the same, canned, reply:

“We don’t notice any problems.”

I’ve sent them ping tests, trace routes and speed tests all saying the same thing — my site is too fucking slow.  And each time I hear things like:

“It might be the pictures on your blog.”   No, it’s not.  There is less than one meg of pics on any given page.  That should not make take two minutes two load.

“We can’t move you to a different server, but you may want to consider upgrading or downgrading your hosting account.”  Why, exactly, would I do that?  I want to give a company more money, when they can’t even acknowledge there’s a problem?  No sir.

I’m going to see if this speed takes for a while.  If it doesn’t, I’ve already checked out DreamHost.  They are wordpress friendly (which means they update the software when it needs to be upgraded, and I don’t have to do it myself) and they get good reviews.

It’s sad, really.  I’ve been with GoDaddy for a couple years, and I would hate to leave them, as I’ve had no problems with them up until this past March.  But I can’t possibly stay with them if they can’t acknowledge the problem.  And, at this point, I really do believe they are ignoring the problem.  A google search shows that I am far from the only person dealing with this.

We’ll see.


I’ll get a much better update soon, but someone posted this cake on a forum I frequent and I wanted to throw it out there:

That has got to be the best damn cake I’ve ever seen. It makes me cry in its beauty, and the fact that it will be eaten or it will go bad.


The dork train…

The dork train has just not stopped since I got on it a month ago (or, 35 years ago, depending on who you ask).

This past weekend was HorrorFind Weekend 9, and the theme was quite obviously “the Dead”. In addition to some pretty cool celebrities (Tony Candyman Todd, Dee Cujo and The Howling Wallace and Cerina Cabin holyhellshe’shot Fever Vincent), this HorrorFind was a 40th Anniversary Night of the Living Dead reunion and 30th Anniversary Dawn of the Dead reunion.

Now I love these two flicks (and I really love Dawn of the Dead — it’s my favorite horror movie of all time, and in my top 3 of all around favorite movies), and this would be quite an event if I hadn’t met most of the people at one con or another.

But the one person I’d never met (although I’ve been at a con he was signing at) was George Romero. He was at a HorrorFind a couple years back, but there was no way I was waiting in line for a couple hours to see him. I don’t mean any disrespect to the man, by any means, because he’s certainly worth waiting in line for. It’s the fact that I could very well go insane standing that close to people I don’t know for that long.

Lucky me, though, Sunday was a slow day and Romero’s line was surprisingly short. Taking advantage, I jumped in line, only to realize that I had neglected to bring my DVD to get signed. I checked out some of the mini-posters that you could buy from his table, but the price was WAY to high ($35 for an 11×16 poster. Sure it’s signed, but I couldn’t justify it). But pictures with Romero were free, and that’s what I wanted most, anyway.


After thanking him for starting my love of horror (he didn’t believe it, he’s a modest guy), Zig (who was obviously with me) and I headed to the second celebrity room down the hall, where I wanted to get a picture with someone who’s relatively new to the convention circuit.


That, dear readers, is the wonderful PJ Soles. You’d know her from such films as Halloween, Carrie and, most recently The Devil’s Rejects.



While she was an insufferable bitch in Carrie, she is excruciatingly nice in real life. As I mentioned on HorrorTalk, as far as stars I’ve met, she’s right up there with Dee Wallace as the best.

As par for the course, it was a great weekend, with a nice closer at Zig’s house, where his missus made dinner. Those two always make good dinner when I’m over there. I hope they make good dinner when I’m not, because I’m starting to feel like that single friend they feel sorry for because he doesn’t cook for himself. 😆

(But that’s okay if they do, because they always have something good to eat.)