You’re discovering all kinds of new fetishes today…

“You’re discovering all kinds of new fetishes today, aren’t you Stewie.”

That was what my buddy Zig said to me as we were leaving another shooting day forSealed Fates, Timewarp Films‘ latest.

It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. It wasn’t just a statement, it was a fact.

Sunday was a fun time to be on the Fates set. It was tie up the women day. Mia, who was featured in a previous entry, and Erin were the victims of the day, and even though (after being all bloodied up) Erin looked worse for wear, I can honestly say Mia’s character had her own share of… issues. I’d love to say more, but there is that slight issue of spoilers and all, so you can find out for yourself when you buy it when it comes out.

But back to the women being tied up, because we know that’s what’s important here. There’s something delicioiusly attractive about seeing a woman in ropes with a chain around her neck and a t-shirt gag in her mouth. Is that mysoginistic? I don’t think so, because if a lady wants to throw down the knots on me for a night of passion, I’m certainly up for it (HAHAHAH PUNNY! YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!?). I’ve done it before. But unfortunately for me, the favor was not reciprocated, so it’s one of those things left on that infernal ‘to do’ list of mine.It’s not even about the spanking aspect of it (that is something I don’t get into — don’t think for one second that’s a judge, becuase when it comes to the bedroom, my God to each his own. Rock on and do what makes you happy), it’s the control. The complete control. I don’t mind giving it up on occassion, and I sure as hell would like to have a little taste of it. It’s all in fun and trying new — or different — things. I’ve never been a fan of missionary, I’ll tell you that.

Zig must have seen this, with the happy smile on my face the entire day. To be fair, though, the thought of having sex with a battered, bruised and bloody woman doesn’t do it for me. Part of that goofy grin was watching the progress from an attractive woman to something no more than a piece of meat. Watching the effects progression through your eyes (high credit goes to our FX guy Steve Myers for making it happen) is just bad ass. But, yeah, ropes are hot, too.

And I have to give Erin and Mia props for being so damn cool, too. My sense of humor is unPC. I’ve pissed a few people off (either intentionally or unintentionally) with off-color jokes. Within my circle of friends, this is no problem because they share the same humor (and really, PC jokes are not funny). So when my remark of “Bitch, I bet you have dinner ready the next time I come home from work” to Erin, who at the time looked like she just got hit by a truck, got a laugh instead of a look of disgust, yeah, cool beans on that for sure. Erin also had the best (and OMG FUCKING HOTTEST!) line of the day. Sadly, though, I can’t share, because it’s a spoiler. I hit her up on myspace regarding some pics, and laughed again when I brought up what she said. I’m chuckling now as I write it. It’s one of those things that it wasn’t just what was said, but it was timing and the way it was said. Perfect, just like the entire day.

Sunday was also a good day because Tom (and, dammit, if his last name escapes me. We call him Perkins — as in Anthony — half the time, anyway. He seems to have no issue with that.) was shooting his scenes, too. Tom, when in character, is a creepy motherfucker. He takes so much glee in what he’s doing to Erin, if he weren’t such a helluva nice guy, I would swear he’s done what he did before. But when a dude brings donuts with him to the set, he’s 100% good with me. I don’t care what he does with his personal time.

And, as a bonus, JP — the stunt coordinator — showed up, as well as my buddy Lees from NY. (Lees is actually Zig’s friend, but I get on with him just fine). I don’t see either of these cats nearly as much as I’d like, so considering the Redskins won on Sunday, too (SUCK IT DALLAS!), it might as well have been called Stewieday.

Fates is coming to a close here very soon, and it’s bitter sweet. On one hand, I get my life back. On the other, this is something I love doing — even if it’s just moving lights, running errands or, in some cases, running sound. I have no interest being an actor, director, producer, whatever. I just want to watch it happen, and thanks to Timewarp Films owner Joe Ripple for giving me that opportunity. Also thanks to him for letting me post these pics:

This coming weekend, the filming will be in my basement. I’m pretty pumped. It’s a key scene in one of the stories (Sealed Fates is an anthology), and I’m really looking forward to not just this weekend, but seeing my basement in the final product.