Welcome back, Mr. Raimi.

Okay, so I’ve completely been asleep at the wheel. Sam Raimi — awesome director of such greats as the Evil Dead triligy, A Simple Plan, Darkman and the Spiderman trilogy is releasing a horror movie — Drag Me To Hell — real soon like.

Raimi hasn’t directed a horror movie in arguably ten years. The Gift, released in 2000 or so, was a decent movie (and the only movie where I’ve seen Keanu Reeves actually act), but it wasn’t balls out horror like The Evil Dead. I had heard rumors he was doing one a year or more ago, but I never kept up with it because internet rumors usually never pan out.

Anywho, I saw a clip over at Bloody Disgusting today (where they have a total of five clips from the flick), and I immediately stopped watching after the first because I don’t want to see anything more. I’m not even going to dig up the trailer.

But, if you are interested, here’s the one I scoped:

Holy shit, that already looks awesome. I’ll be seeing this in the theater, hopefully.