A text from Joy.

I’ve never been tied down to the title of this blog, as I’ve never really liked it. I half-assed the title when I first started it on blogspot way back when, and I’ve considered changing it off and on since then, but nothing really came to me. Until yesterday, in the form of a text from Joy.

I think you should start a blog called…

A perfect example of who gives a fuck.

Well! That certainly came out of the blue. But she sent another one almost immediately:

Or maybe use that as one of your categories. Like your family one or pictures one.

I replied:


I wasn’t offended. I was laughing. It was a damn good idea, and appropriate.

I don’t know. It just popped in my head.

Blogs on people who get on thier power trips would be filed under that for future retrieval.

Or maybe… Really, no one gives a shit. I like that folder, too.

To be honest, I like them both. A lot. My tendancy is to keep “A perfect example of who gives a fuck.” That’s such a great blog title, but “Really, no one gives a shit.” has its own charm, too.

Right now I’m sticking with the first, but if you think it should be the latter, by all means let me know. I’m Sunday morning on this, but it’s definitely one of the two. Joy is an important part of this blog, as she the inspiration of many of the posts (hell, she gets her own month), so it’s only fitting part of her is in the title.

I think the best part is the text came completely out of nowhere.