Dealing with death.

My sister, Joy, called me this morning, but I was on my way to a dental appointment so I didn’t answer. Instead I gave her a call back about an hour and a half later.

“HEY!” She answered. “I was just thinking about you. A woman just came in to make arrangements for her brother. ”

If you don’t know by now, Joy is a mortician.

“If you died, I would cry,” she continued.


It took a minute for me to stop giggling. Joy says the oddest things sometimes.

The joy of Joy.

Joy calls me at work the other day

“Hey! Can your phone get pictures? ”

“Yeah,” I replied. “My new phone can do anything.”

“Okay, loser. I’m going to send you the picture that shows on my phone every time you call.”

Then she hung up. Moments later my phone announced I had a new message. I opened it to see what picture Joy had assigned to me on her phone.


I have to admit that it beats the one I use for her.