The Walking Dead (aka Shameless Plug).

I don’t do a lot of plugging for the other site I run (HorrorTalk), but there are times when I just feel like opening up and sharing.

AMC recently closed out its six episode run of The Walking Dead and co-reviewer James Ferguson and I did a review of each ep. I had a lot of fun writing them with James and I’m pretty happy with the results. You can click a cover to check them out. Warning, there are spoilers ahead if you have not seen the show. Which you should have, dammit.

Those numbers? Yeah, they represent the episode number. (All of these open in a new window.)


A few weeks ago I got stuck in the parking lot of my favorite Chinese buffetaurant. Apparently, there was some sort of trouble in the kitchen, the fire department called and dispatched and I guess the most strategic place for them to park was behind my vehicle…effectively blocking me in for the duration.

While the firemen looked for flames that, like WMDs, were eventually determined non-existent, I had nothing better to do than bother B with bitchy texts and take random photos.

The text conversation may be posted at a later date, but you can see some of the pictures now. (Click them and they get bigger. MAGIC.)

Those pics were taken with my Droid using the Retro Camera application. If you have a Droid, I highly recommend the app.