Quality customer service.

I bought my first Keurig coffee maker years ago. Five or six at least. I loved it so much, I ended up buying one for my sister, one for my father, and one for my friend as Christmas gifts. It ended up flaking out after some years of use, so when it was time to get a new one, I reached out to Joy, my sister, to find me a coupon. Because if there’s a coupon, she’d find it.

After a day or two, she sent me an email on a stellar deal on a Keurig Vue. The (what I thought was the) latest and greatest Keurig. I ended up picking up the top-of-the-line model and once it arrived, I was very pleased with it. Sure, I could no longer buy K-cups (the new one used, er…Vue cups), but hey! New technology!

That feeling didn’t last long. Turns out, Keurig had quietly discontinued the Vue in order to get out the new, superior Keurig 2.0. This sucker took the K-cups and one of its newest features was it now did carafes! Unfortunately, because of the more-or-less push out of the Vue machines, stores stopped carrying Vue cups, I could only buy them directly from Keurig’s online store. (In their defense, though, they have really good coupons come through email, so they are quite competitive price-wise with the regular stores). However, while I really can’t complain about price and availability of the Vue cups, the selection was (and still is) SO LIMITED. With the K-cup, you literally (literally, not figuratively…literally) have hundreds of options. With the Vue, you’re looking at 30 or 40 choices, and that includes hot chocolate and teas.

So, the other day, an email from Keurig comes through pimping their reusable filters (which allows the use of ANY ground coffee in the machines) for their Keurigs and Keurig 2.0s. See something missing? Yeah. So I took to Twitter and asked if they had plans to make the filters for the Vue. They replied unfortunately not, but they’d relay my message to customer service. I said thanks, please do that, because the selection was lacking. Then I get a direct message from them asking for my contact info, which I provided because I figured maybe they’d send me a coupon or complimentary box of Vue cups.

The next morning, at 8:30, my phone rings. It’s Keurig. The guy wants to talk about my complaint.

I explained to him while they make  a great product, I felt a little screwed because of how they handled Vue’s demise. Naturally, I didn’t blame him (and people who do that, blame the person who’s trying to find out the problem, suck), but the overall situation was kind of frustrating.

He understood, and did something I never expected, offered me a swap. My Vue for a new Keurig 2.0. Ho. Ly. Shit. To say I was excited and pleased was an understatement. I shit you not, I love this product. I always have. I love the ease of use, I love the variety of choices…it’s one of the favorite things in my kitchen. Listen, I buy decaf coffee only so I can drink coffee at night too.

There’s no doubt he was looking at my online account because he knew I had two machines and I even had submitted the serial number for the Vue incorrectly (I had to read it to him), so he could clearly see I was a faithful customer and wasn’t blowing smoke up his ass. Hell, just last month I spent $50 for some cups.

Long story short, I tweeted to them on Tuesday, and there was a damn 2.0 on my porch on Thursday. Like I said on Twitter, they have a customer for life right here.