Well, that happened.

I read a lot. Normally, though, I mostly read to and from work. Once I get to the Metro, I have the Kindle on and I’m reading until I get to my desk at work. Note, I didn’t say once I get on the metro. I said once I get to the metro. This means once I get out of my car, I’m generally turning on my Kindle (or on the occasion I have one, opening my book) and reading-while-walking to my seat on the train, then reading on the train, then reading-while-walking to my cube at work. This has served me well, being lost in whatever world the book is offering. Until Friday. When I fell down the steps.

Yeah, so I was doing what I do every damn day (even though the thought has occurred to me more than once that I should at least pay a little more attention around stairs), when I overstepped midway down a flight of stairs and started lurching forward. Fortunately, I had a grip on the handrail already and just tightened up. That probably saved me from severe injury. Instead I got severe embarrassment and mild injury.

I landed on my side a bit hard and slid down some. I stood up, embarrassed as all hell, and sensed someone saying something (I say sensed because I have some stellar noise cancelling headphones I wear). I turned to my right and a woman was asking (mouthing) if I was okay. I said, “Yeah, thanks! Just embarrassed.” I might have yelled it. Those headphones kick ass.

I didn’t feel much pain at the time, and I sat down since my train wasn’t coming for about 10 more minutes, immediately getting back into the book (it’s really good so far).

When my train arrived, I stood up to get on it and OMG NOW IT HURT. Both of my thighs were killing me. It must have been the step edges that did it, that’s the only thing I can think of. I limped a little to the train, found a seat, and…started reading again. The pain had gone away immediately after I sat down.

When I arrived at my station, I stood up to get off the train AND OMG THERE IT IS AGAIN. Holy fuck, it was worse. This was legit pain I hadn’t felt in a long as time. It only got worse when I started walking down the stairs. I eventually made it to my car, drove home, and sat on my couch and watched some TV. Eventually it was time for me to go to bed. I could barely get off the couch, the pain was so bad. I didn’t feel a thing when just sitting there, but as soon as I started to move, BOOM!  It reminded me it was still around. Not going to lie, I could barely make it up the stairs, my thighs hurt that bad.

It’s now Sunday, and the pain has subsided greatly. They are still tender, but damn if they aren’t leagues better than Friday night. It still hurts a little when climbing stairs, but at least I don’t feel like I’m going to die.

I’m sure this will happen again because I’m confident as painful as this experience was, I know me and I know I’ll go right back to reading and walking. For those that care, the book is The Passage by Brian Kirk. So far it’s really good.