Million dollar idea being ignored.

So I posted this on Twitter a while back and even tagged the respective parties, but no one bit. Which I just don’t understand why not, since this idea is pretty damn good if I don’t say so myself, and more than doable.

When I’m cooking, cleaning, or dicking around at home, I usually throw on Law & Order: SVU because it’s one of those shows that provides perfect background noise and is procedural enough that you can jump in at any time and have no problem figuring out what’s going on. The episode which gave me this idea is one where an old partner of Tutola’s (Ice T) showed up and they worked a case together. I got to thinking…

Hear me out. What if another partner of Tutola showed up named…oh, I don’t know, let’s say Detective Peretti. And Peretti needed Tutola’s help in finding an old drug kingpin from their past who is now suspected of rape. We’ll call this guy…hmm…Nino Brown.

While Tutola and Peretti are on the hunt for Brown, they run into their old boss, Stone, who gives them a hand.

The parts will naturally be played by:

  • Peretti – Judd Nelson
  • Brown – Wesley Snipes
  • Stone – Mario Van Peebles

How awesome would it be to have a mini-New Jack City reunion on Law & Order: SVU? And it’s more than doable. I’m quite sure you can get these actors reasonably for one episode. Maybe even work in Pookie (Chris Rock) somehow.

Okay, maybe tens of dollars idea being ignored, but still.

I am my brother’s keeper.