Rollerblades are for sissies.

So much fun has been going on since the beginning of April I can barely contain myself.

And because I have eight DVDs I have to review, I’m going to punk out and make this short.

I went to the Roller Derby the other night (SO MUCH FUN), and was checking out the recap of the game, when I noticed something…

Want to see what a 37-year-old child looks like at a Roller Derby?

Something was obviously blocking my view of the action. 😡

I <3 the Charm City Roller Girls. They might not have been number one Saturday night, but they were number one in my heart.


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Mykl Gee

I have to go and find the photos I have of you in rollerblades !


I gotta see this! Some Roller Derby girls came by the College the other week, but I didn't get to see their info table because of a meeting. Darn work, getting in the way of my fun. So jealous!


I admit it, I'm a sissy. I fall down enough on my rollerblades, I can't even imagine trying roller derby. Roller derby is so freaking hot though. In my mind I do it! Love the pic of you. That's so great.


You have some? That would be awesome.


Dude, they have teams in Jersey, too! Lesley went and saw a match a couple weeks ago.


I have a scar from when I used to roller blade. I am hardcore. lol.

And, yeah, those girls are hot for sure.

Freak Magnet

Dude. You're the Roller Derby fan equivilent of Sasquatch. Sure that's you.