To that girl on the metro today…

…the one on the orange line wearing the white tank-top and fanning herself.

You are absolutely stunning.

For the first time ever, I was happy to be riding a packed metro. It’s rare that I see a good looking woman on my line and you made up for all the bad ones.

Now, if you had shaked your ass to “Fire Woman”, you would have been perfect.

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You should’ve casually brushed up against her buttocks.


She stood to her side the whole time.

I think she knew I would have tried something if she turned her back to me. 🙁


When you just stare at a woman’s ass licking your lips and rubbing your nipples it kind of gives off that perv impression. Less of that might help.

Freak Magnet


You know him so well.


look at me blog, matey.


You really need a camera phone.


fnord, thanks for the tip. I’ll have to stop doing that. Or at least openly.

freak, NO SHARING.

meat, done and replied.

ace, i have one, I just never think to use it. Plus, there is not doubt that would have creeped her out. lol