Welcome back, Mr. Raimi.

Okay, so I’ve completely been asleep at the wheel. Sam Raimi — awesome director of such greats as the Evil Dead triligy, A Simple Plan, Darkman and the Spiderman trilogy is releasing a horror movie — Drag Me To Hell — real soon like.

Raimi hasn’t directed a horror movie in arguably ten years. The Gift, released in 2000 or so, was a decent movie (and the only movie where I’ve seen Keanu Reeves actually act), but it wasn’t balls out horror like The Evil Dead. I had heard rumors he was doing one a year or more ago, but I never kept up with it because internet rumors usually never pan out.

Anywho, I saw a clip over at Bloody Disgusting today (where they have a total of five clips from the flick), and I immediately stopped watching after the first because I don’t want to see anything more. I’m not even going to dig up the trailer.

But, if you are interested, here’s the one I scoped:

Holy shit, that already looks awesome. I’ll be seeing this in the theater, hopefully.

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I definitely want to see this one, and I'm still hopeful there will be an Evil Dead IV.


I never understood the big deal with Sam Raimi. Evil Dead was boring and Spider-Man was OK. Maybe I just don't get it.


I had no idea what Sam Raini had done, but now that sounds kind of cool [I enjoyed the movies that I've seen in your list]. I think I'll go check it out. Or perhaps wait until it comes out on DVD and watch it during daylight.


You will probably see the remake of the first before that. 🙁


Give “A Simple Plan” another spin. “The Gift” is Okay, too.




If the little clip up there is any indication, daylight may be a viable option.

I've seen all of Raimi's movies (with the exception of the Baseball one, which I have no interest) and have really liked them all for one reason or another. This one, though, I need to check my expectations so I'm not disappointed. lol.


It's good. A real return to his roots. Whoever said it was Evil Dead 4 was right on the money…(only, without Ash)
And James Ferguson's GOTTA be joking. Evil Dead was boring?


It's a fun movie. It reminds me of a really long Tales from the Crypt episode, especially with the ending. Watch it and you'll see what I mean.