There are things you expect from your friends…

Yeah. No updates lately. It’s summer. Sometimes I pretend to have a life.

Back in 1989 or 1990, my buddy had a party. I distinctly remember this party because I know I was still in school and I know I was a senior.

I remember this party because I got so drunk that I went to the bathroom, well, to use the bathroom and it turned into something somewhat memorable.

I pulled my pants down and almost started my business, when the urge to throwup hit me. So I got knelt to pray before the porcelan god, when I realized how cool the tile was on my knees.

Oh, did I say I pulled my pants down? When I said I pulled them down, I meant I took them completely off.

So there I was, with the coolness of the tile beckoning. And every damn one of you know how cool and comforting tile is when you are drunk. Suddenly, I felt like laying down for a little bit. So I did.

Yep. What started out as a simple trip to the bathroom turned into me getting naked–halfway, at least–and taking a nap.

Thankfully, it was a party. And, thankfully, my friends were there for me. Yeah, those “thankfullys” are sarcastic.

I vaguely remember someone opening the door and yelling out “There’s a naked guy in here!” Then the door closing. Then opening. Then some questioning about who had a camera. Then closing. Opening. Closing. Opening. Giggling. Closing.

I don’t know when I left the bathroom. Or when I put my pants back on. I just know I woke up the next day on my buddy’s couch, feeling like ass, but at least wearing clothes. I also remember everyone who crashed there looking at my strangely, and smiling, like there was a secret. Which, of course, there was.

The following Monday, I found out the secret.

People who weren’t at the party were coming up to me and laughing. Asking me about my pants and why I didn’t lock the door.

Yeah. Apparently someone found a camera.

You know, looking back, I don’t even think I was mad at my friends. I probably would have been mad at them if they didn’t take a picture.

There are things you expect from your friends. And taking pictures of your dumb ass when you are passed out naked in the bathroom is one of them.

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This is why my bathroom at HF is a private affair.


Indeed, brother. It’s okay to take a picture of my ass when I’m 18, but no way now that I’m in my 30s.

I don’t necessarily know if I mean that.

Aric Blue

Oh thank God! You know how hard it is to keep it a secret that I saw that picture?

You don’t know how many times I’ve laughed and had you go “What?” and I had to reply, “Oh, nothing.”



what would a girl have to do to get you to post that picture on a forum, say…?


aric, you liked it, didn’t you. My supple, bare ass was all that you wanted for years, wasn’t it?

Anonymous, first you’d have to not be anon. Second, if you are hot, probably not much.

Aric Blue

>> aric, you liked it, didn’t you. My supple, bare ass was all that you wanted for years, wasn’t it?>>

Honestly, I just wasn’t sure what that was sticking in your ass. It looked like a big black dildo, but I have no idea how it fit…

You must have been really out of it…