No doubt…

Yesterday I was interviewed for a documentary about legendary filmmaker Don Dohler.

Quick backstory…

A couple years ago, The Hitman reviewed Harvesters for HorrorTalk.

In turn, I reviewed Stakes. Both of which are Timewarp films, which Dohler co-owns with Joe Ripple.

From there, we met Don and Joe at HorrorFind the next year, and the year after that, The Hitman wrote a script for which ended up becoming Timewarp’s next movie (it is now in post-production.

Since I have faith in Timewarp’s movie, as well as The Hitman’s script, I invested in the movie. And since I invested in the movie, I got full access to the set (except for the nude scene–I knew I should have invested more).

On the set, I met John, Dan and Sarah, who were making the aforementioned documentary on Dohler. After some talking, John found out I reviewed movies (with a penchant for low/no-budget) and was interested in interviewing me for the doc. I was down. Anything to get on the screen–except for acting, fuck that.

Which brings me to yesterday.

So the lights are set up, the mic is checked and we are ready to roll. John was the interviewer, Dan was on camera and sound and Sarah was on makeup–yes, I am a creamy beige.

“What’s you favorite Don Dohler movie?” He asked.

“Blood Massacre.”


“It’s brutal, it’s gritty and it’s so different from the other Dohler movies I have seen. Plus, George Stover just rocks in his role.”

“So, what is the movie about?” John asked.

“Um. Uh. You see, this guy, this Vietnam vet, he, uh, he’s crazy and, uh…”

“Have you even seen Blood Massacre?”

“Well, yeah! I just suck at explaining what a movie is about.”

“Are you sure you review movies?”


Thankfully, the rest of the interview went much, much better.

But I have no doubt which part of the interview he’s going to use.