Shoot the looters…

I read a news article today that looting has already started in Louisiana.


And it’s not (just) food, water, medicine — you know, the necessities.

It’s tvs, vcrs, clothes.

Fucking animals.

I remember when a bad tornado ripped throw the town where my sister lives and she called and told me people were looting within the hour after the tornado hit.

Again. Unfuckingbelievable. Here is this small town utterly destroyed by a tornado and the first thing some people want to do is rip someone off.

What kind of person looks at a tragedy like this and thinks, “Hey, since everyone is gone, I can act like an animal.”

And that’s what these looters are. Animals.

I hope the police and the national guard start taking shots at these pieces of trash. Not to kill, mind you (if an accident happens, so be it), but enough to take out a knee or something.

It would be fitting.