The kid has taste.

Okay, so my buddy has an autistic son and rather than explain the video, I’ll just copy and paste his explanation:

My kid goes in his playroom and turns on his CD and will sit in there doing who knows what for hours on end.

Well, I went in and recorded it, so now YOU know what. Here it is:

And you better rate it 5 stars or the autism society will blow your house up.

The video really is fantastic. I guess there’s more talent in the family than just the son.

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Get that kid an Xbox with Rock Band STAT.


Is that kid retarded or something? And what's with his choice of queer music? Man.


If you took a second to actually read the very brief synopsis of the video, you'd find that the child is autistic. He is not retarded. Thanks for the ignorance though. We need more of that on the Internet.


aric stop being a douche. lol.