It’s Bootie Time, Bootie Time, Across the USA!

I’ve been listening to an awful lot of mashup lately. I know much of this renewed interest in the genre started with my discovery of Girl Talk about a year or so ago, and a couple of friends turning me on to Ludachrist certainly egged on this new found love. (FWIW, I dig Ludachrist a lot more then Girl Talk. Ludachrist has some cooler cuts he lifts from. How can you not like an artist that lifts from Goblin and Nintendo?)

The cool thing about mashup, if you are a fan, it there’s a lot of it out there for free. I imagine much of this has to do with royalties and such, but yay for me. Of course, the flipside of that, there is a lot of garbage out there, too. Hell, let’s be realistic, most of it is garbage. But artists like the aforementioned GT and Ludachrist make the genre worth listening to.

Now, the whole point of this post isn’t to discuss mashup, but rather test a new plug in for playing audio files on the blog. Since I’ve been listening to mashup a lot lately, here’s some of the better (or funnier) ones I’ve heard (just click on the song names and a player pops under it):

DJ Schmolli – Roam You

DJ Schmolli - Roam You 400

DJ Schmolli – Shut Up Brooklyn Sandman

Shutup Brooklyn Sandman

Arty Fufkin – Crazy Logic

Best Of Bootie 2006

Lobsterdust – It’s Fun To Smoke Dust

Best Of Bootie 2008

That last one has me giggling every time I listen to it.

I snagged these songs from Bootie (where they have four ‘Best Of’ CDs you can download) and Mashup Industries (where there is a ton of stuff you can snag – I like a lot of the DJ Schmolli stuff, as I found a lot of the stuff he mashes are guilty pleasures 😆 ).

Enjoy, or not, either way my plugin gets tested.

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Mash ups are awesome. I haven't heard of Ludachrist, but I'm going to check him out later. You should look up Party Ben. He's done a ton of shows at Bootie and used to do a regular show on a radio station in San Fran called the Sixx Mixx which was basically a half hour long mash up. I used to play them on my show in college when I didn't feel like DJ-ing and just wanted to read comics.


Good call on Party Ben! I downloaded one of his megamixes and enjoyed the hell out of it.


Glad you liked him. I've got a bunch of his stuff. I'll go through some of it later and send you some phat beats.


great tunes – and your plug-in is very awesome. I bet it's not available for Blogger right? Maybe it's time for me to move back to WP?


I'll check and see if it's easily installed into blogger. I <3 WP for the ease of everything, and how many goofy plugins are available.


Cool! Thanx for digging my stuff! 😉

Girltalk is overrated IMHO but he does some intense live shows! Ludachrist are brilliant, there's going to be new material out soon!

Cheers from Austria,


Hey, thanks for the reply Schmolli! I have your Schnipseljagd mixes, too. Track 2 on Volume 4 is a guilty pleasure. lol.

Good stuff!