I don’t have people over my house…unless they are filming.

Fuck yeah, the trailer for Kevin Kangas’ Bounty is up. Scenes shot in my house are scattered throughout the trailer (the few that have been to my house would recognize).

I’m in the movie for 30 seconds, but not in the trailer, so you must buy it when it comes out for the sexy.

OR you can get your tickets for the world premiere here.

More info on the film and the premiere can be found — shameless plug — here.

Hot damn I’m excited.

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Do you stare awkwardly at a naked girl in the shower for 5 minutes like you did in the alternate ending to Dead Hunt? If not, I'll be skipping this film.


Fortunately, in this one, there are no naked women in front of me. Even in real life I stare awkwardly at boobies.


In this one, we re-enact that scene from Pulp Fiction, and Stewie plays Ving Rhames. You know what scene.


It was hot, too.