Godwin’s Law in real life.

Honestly, do people who compare Obama to Hitler really expect to be taken seriously? Really?


Bravo to Barney Frank for blasting that ignorant little girl.

I don’t care what people think about the health care plan (I am still on the fence, something absolutely needs to be done, but I’m not sold on this plan as of yet), but to compare Obama to Hitler will have you lose any sort of credibility you might have thought you had.

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As I watched this again it made me wonder if this chicky has been interviewed by the Faux News channel. Hell, they'll probably give her her own talk show! As for me, I'd much rather debate my dining room table than her. At least my table can sometimes be counted on to have things like dessert, and would never dream of calling a biracial guy and a gay Jew “nazis.”


Wow! I didn't know Barney had it in him. For congress and the administration to be taken seriously, they need to address these ludicrous comments in exactly that way. :up:


She learned a hard lesson, and the world was there to see. God bless the interwebs.


Exactly! Enough already.