What the hell would we talk about…

I just finished watching that BTK Killer TV movie and it never dawned on me that this dude was a father.

It got me to thinking, how would I react if my father was a serial killer. I honestly don’t know.

My first thought would be to completely disown him. I mean, hell, that would be easy for me. It’s not like I haven’t shut out people before (and for a lot less).

But, man, I don’t know if I could do that.

And, seriously, what the hell would we talk about when I went to visit him in the pokey? The Redskins? My job? His first victim?

I think that’s the part that bothers me the most. Not the fact that my dad killed a bunch of people, but the fact that I wouldn’t know what to talk about with him.


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Freak Magnet

I’m not saying this for you to take offense to it, but I’m sure with your fascination with serial killers, you’d put aside the fact he’s your father and ask him why, and really be interested in the answers.

Once you got used to the fact you’re the spawn of Satan, of course.


You know, I thought that. But the fact that it would be my father, I don’t think I’d want to know.

He might say he did it because I drove him to it. 🙁


That’s a fairly universal mystery, I suspect, as far as how you’d react to something negative about a parent. Especially if (as I am), you’re close with your parents and/or if (as I do) you have a lot of respect for them. Seeing a flaw (such as an affair/divorce, or a conviction of some lesser crime even), even if it’s not as major as being a serial kiler, would be something that could be very devastating, depending on the circumstance.

Aric Blue

Wow, like…a new post! I thought you were dead or something.

Anyway, it would make me fascinated with my father. Hell, the people he killed probably had it coming to them for something or other anyway…

What’d you expect from the father of Aric Blue?


You people are talking about it like it is a bad thing. Stewie I want all your Manson stuff sent up to me this minute. You are no longer deserving of it. 🙁


Ace – I am close with my family, but I honestly don’t think a divorce would bother me. Or if there were infidelity. Only the serial killing. Go figure.

aric – still kicking. i’ve been looking for some asshole that ran me down 7 years ago.

fnord – you get none of my stash. none of it. Oh, and i got some stevie wonder for that evil woman of yours.

Aric Blue

>>aric – still kicking. i’ve been looking for some asshole that ran me down 7 years ago.

Too bad he didn’t finish the job! The pansy.

Freak Magnet

The more I think about it, the more I think I would laugh at you if your dad were a serial killer.

Because I know you would do the same to me.


Stewie – look at it this way – you could get a T-shirt that says “My dad killed a bazillion people and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”



When your Dad goes to jail, is it all right if I start calling your Mom? She’s a total MILF. And it’s not like Dad’s ever coming back, you know. You wouldn’t have to call me Dad, either. Uncle Ron would be fine at first, and then maybe something like Pop-Pop or Second Dad after the big day. And by big day I mean when I screw your Mom.