Hell yeah…

I just saw the trailer for Dead Hunt.

Dead Hunt is the movie I worked on last winter. I helped do setups, I did some (very little) sound, I got my cool ideas shot down by Joe (the director) and I get a bit part (until it’s cut).

And I learned a fuck of a lot about low-budget movie making.

My buddy Ace wrote it, Timewarp filmed it and I just saw the trailer for it.

I can’t wait until this damn thing comes out.

Hell yeah.

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Aric Blue

Hey, don’t get too excited. It’s easy to make a good trailer for a crappy movie.

You saw that FOC trailer, didn’t you? Wow, that movie actually looked good…

Freak Magnet

And you’re not posting a LINK to the trailer? WTF?!

Or is this another one of those serials where you leave us hanging for 9 or 10 episodes?



No trailers for the peasents.

TOP SECRET!!111!11 ZOMG!1111!!!!


So it is so bad they are even keeping the trailer secret…hmmm.

Freak Magnet

That’s what I’m thinking.

Me and you should make a trailer and not show anybody.


Me and you should make a trailer and not show anybody.

Doesn’t count if nobody wants to see it.


Me and Freak just made a trailer. It is awesome. Too bad you won’t get to see it, h8er.


Trailers lie. Show me the movie.

Freak Magnet

We wouldn’t want to make you cry because our movie is so totally awesome and you weren’t a part of it.

We’re thoughtful and considerate like that.