No way. That’s insane…

So I today I got some great news regarding the film I worked on last winter. Great news, indeed.

As coincidence would have it, when I was reading the email, it was the last email I checked before I head out to Michaels to get the poster from said movie framed.

I was in a rush because my pops was with me and I wanted to get the frame set up before we went to the bar to watch the Redskin game (which they lost even though it looked like that fucking runningback for Oakland fumbled, but such is life).

Anywho, we get to Michaels (and I had a 40% off coupon, which I couldn’t use) and I throw the poster on the counter, pick out a frame, pic out some matting and wait for the total.


Read that again.

Three hundred. Seventy-five dollars.

I looked at my father and we both started laughing. Hell, the girl who was helping me laughed too.

I said, “No way. That’s insane.”

She agreed, so she suggested I go buy a frame off the rack and she’ll re-run the price. She told me what size frame I needed and off I went.

I came back with a frame and she did the figures again.


MUCH more like what I had expected to spend. But today Michaels was having a sale. Spend a hundred bucks on custom framing, get fifty off!

I had $98.


I asked the girl behind the counter what I could do. She said she was already on it. (and on a side note, she completely rocked. Patient and out for me. Kudos to Michaels).

She finally suggested that I get another mat for the poster (bringing the total mat count to three). I thought it would be too much, but after it was thrown on, it looked great.

Final cost?


It won’t be ready for three weeks, but that’s cool. I’m sure it will be worth the wait.