We tried…

My family is so fucked up.

Back when I was ten or so, I remember getting into an argument with my sister at the dinner table.

We were going back and forth until my sister said, “God, mom. Why didn’t you put him up for adoption!”

“We tried,” my mom said.

“But nobody would take him,” my dad finished.

“Great,” my sister said. “So we’re stuck with him.”

I ran to my room in tears.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

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Aw, that’s a sad story! I have to say that my own experiences with the family became exponentially more tolerable once it was socially acceptable for me to drink while in their presence.


It’s nice that your family can be open about those kinds of things. A lot of families try to sweep things like botched adoptions under the rug.


lesley, it is the story of my life. I drink with my family to get drunk so the pain will go away.

renaldo, thank you for that positive spin.


Shit, my parents always say stuff like that. And I wasn’t even a little dick.

Miss Jodi

Yeah I’d have to go with what Lesley said…

Especially on Thanksgiving: “stick with the ROASTED turkey and lay off the ‘WILD Turkey’!!!!”

Aric Blue

No wonder you’re such a sissy boy! hahahaha

On an unrelated note(see–that’s how you do an unrelated segue) the new Walking Dead trade paperback comes out on Wednesday.


Says the guy who’s proud to be a baby cub.

I’ll be up Wednesday. Yesssssssssss


A lot of families try to sweep things like botched adoptions under the rug.

I resent that! Ur, um…

Happy belated Thanksgiving everybody!