I still don’t consider myself a writer…

Sometime in September, my buddy Ron emailed me and told me to do this.

I told him maybe.

He said “DO IT!”

I told him maybe.

About two weeks before the start of November, Ron emailed me again telling me to buy some book by the creator of NaNoWriMo. I did.

I didn’t read past the first two chapters, but those first chapters were very well written. I just put it down and forgot about it.

About a week before the start of November, Ron emailed me again and told me to do Nano.

I told him no.

He said “Do it!”

November first rolled around. I started doing Nano.

Here’s how it goes (for those who didn’t click the links up there):

Write 50,000 words in one month.

That’s about 1667 words a day.

That’s a lot of writing.

A fuck of a lot of writing.

I went in with high expectations. I had a half ass story in my head that I figured I could develop into something more. It was about vampires and werewolves and ESP and all kinds of crazy shit. But the funny thing is, I never really got to the werewolves. Or the vampires. Or the ESP. My characters did a whole lot of running around doing nothing but eating and drinking and carrying on.

It became obvious that I should have had some sort of outline, because that damn novel (novella?) was all over the place.

But, in the end, I did it and I’m happy I did. I learned a lot.

I still don’t consider myself a writer, and this whole exercise reinforced my belief about the poemboi.

I also have a new found respect for the authors out there. I never thought writing was easy (hell, my three page reviews get very tough at times), but, damn, I never realized how tough it was.

There are people to thank and people to mention, but I wrote 5,000 words today, under pressure from Ron, just so I could finish that damn project.

I’ll get to those people tomorrow. I’m done writing for today.

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gotta tell you…loved the short about Thanksgiving. You happened to tbe the “Next Blog” and I just felt a soul connection that prompted me to post! BTW, I was adopted by my adoptive father (who married my bio mom) when I was ten.


hey, thanks!

I have to tell you, it is eerie how close your comment is to my own family.

Damn eerie.

Freak Magnet

I never realized how hard it is to write, until I started my blog.

In high school, I was excellent in getting thought to paper, but now it just gives me a headache.


Well said, freak.

I figured it would be difficult, but not that hard, after all I can do what I want when writing fiction.

Not so easy.