Maybe it’s y’alls fault it sucks…

In the last entry, I said I needed to thank some people. So here it is:

First and foremost, a big thanks to Ron goes out. I would have never been aware of NaNoWriMo if he didn’t bring it to my attention. I would have never have done it if he hadn’t had been such a damn nagging Nancy. I’m glad I succumbed to the peer pressure.

Before I go into the other thanks, it should be mentioned that in the book (novella) I wrote, all of the characters were based on people I knew.

I’d also give a shout out to Tom and Tressa.

Tom because he answered a bunch of stupid questions without mockery. I was going to do something cool with the “Tom” character, but I ran out of words. And I’m not going back to it. Maybe next year.

Tressa because her character pretty much carried the first half to 3/4 of the book (novella). What was originally supposed to be a character that worked at a coffee shop, it developed into something completely different, someone I loved to write. I don’t know what Tressa had to do with that, but she gets credit nonetheless.

Ron, Tom and Tressa are the only cats that knew I was doing this, and they kept it to themselves. I appreciate that. I wanted very few people to know what I was doing and they found out by accident (with the exception of Ron). The reason being is the more people that knew, the more support I would get. I didn’t want support, though. I wanted to do this on my own, or as much on my own as I could. Plus I didn’t want to talk about it too much while I did it.

Lastly, but not leastly, are the people who are in the book (novella) in one way or another. You guys obviously influenced me enough to write about in some way. In no order other than alphabetical:

Dan (DJ)
Eric (Hitman)
Matt (squ1d)
Milos (Mairosu) – I went with Chow Yun Fat.
Nicki (freakmagnet)
Ron (neon)
Rosie (GG) – thanks for trusting me.
Tom (shiki)
Tressa (uh, Tressa)

With special appearances/mentions by:

Chris (sham)
Andy (Blonde)
Fred (West)
Krystal (uh, Krystal)

And, just to be a complete ass, no, you can’t read it. This, like most things in my life, was just done for me.

That said, thanks for the motivation, guys and gals. The book (novella) pretty much sucks and I shall keep the sucktitude to myself, thanks. But credit should still go where credit is do.


Maybe it’s y’alls fault it sucks.

Something to think about.

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Freak Magnet

😀 Thanks, man.

Oh wait. Is my character the useless slut?


No thanks needed. The fact that I ended up in the “book” is good enough… of course since I can’t read it I am sure you had me prancing around in cosplay outfits. 🙁


I’ve read parts of it, and I can guarantee you that cosplay does get its fair share of mentions.


And thanks, Stewie! We gotta do it again next year!


Thanks to you all!

You guys were the wind beneath my wings.

Aric Blue

Hey bitch, I knew about it. Didn’t you see the article in the Capital?


Like I read the Crapital. 🙂


Can I read it? You know who this is. I’ll tell you if I like or not, regardless of what you want to hear.


Dear Anonymous,

I don’t know who you are.

You will have to email me and tell me.




Dear Anonymous,

I figured it out after reading your comments in the Nazi thread and this comment again.

I’ll email it to you.