Mahna Mahna…

I popped over to Quirky Muse’s blog and he had an interesting post. Seemingly too good to be true, I had to investigate.

Muse tells us that “Mahna Mahna” the song from the Muppets, was originally written for a 1960’s soft-core fuck-u-mentary about Swedish couples.

First, if you don’t know what “Mahna Mahna” is, then shame on you. It’s only one of the best songs EVER. However, since there are some people out there raised in a cave, the video can be downloaded here. It was most recently used in that cool ass Dr. Pepper commercial (which you can see on Dr. Pepper’s site here – click on “media”). Thanks to this site for doing the work on the videos.

Now, I then found the soundtrack to the movie in question, where “Mah-na, Mah-na” is indeed listed on the soundtrack. The soundtrack for this sexploitation film that was banned in Sweden. SWEDEN!

Isn’t Sweden famous for Swedish erotica?

That is simply awesome.

No wonder I like that damn song so much.

Mahna Mahna.