Chris Meloni is a great actor. He does a great job on “Law & Order: SVU” as Det. Stabler, and I think the show would suffer without him.

However, as I was telling Lesley last night, watching him on SVU gets damn distracting sometimes because I keep expecting him to strip naked as he was so fond of doing when he played Chris Keller on “OZ.” Not something I particularly want to see.

Of course I wouldn’t have any problems if Kathryn Erbe from “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” stripped naked like she did on “OZ,” but that’s neither here nor there.

Anyway, I went to grab some lunch today from the awesome Red Hot & Blue and while I was waiting to be seated, I noticed the plaque that had the franchise owner’s name.

Chris Keller.


So if it wasn’t bad enough that I’m expecting Keller to get naked on Law & Order, I have to worry about him putting his manhood all over my ribs when I go out to eat.

Don’t expect me to order extra sauce anytime soon.