Dork, redux…

A while back, Ace had shot me a pretty damn cool pic of some of his F. Paul Wilson LE collection.

I thought it was pretty cool (all the spines lined up to form one picture when the series was complete), so I decided to take a picture of my collection of autographed books (and spoken word CDs).

Sadly, my spines don’t form a picture.

books1.jpg books2.jpg

Oh, and that red box in the first pic? That, kiddos, contains an original ViewMaster and hundreds of those circle things. I’ve had that damn thing for probably over 20 years. And I know it’s mine because I labeled it with one of those old label makers you had to squeeze with about 36 pounds of pressure to make a letter.

I rule.

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You still have your viewmaster? I shoved mine underneath the wheel of my parents Volkswagon Bus and watched it smash when they unknowingly backed over it. Then I whipped up some fake tears and got a new (different) toy out of the deal.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Let me get this straight — you were so excited about lining a bunch of things up in orderly fashion that you took a picture AND blogged about it? Anal much???

And I certainly hope you’ve had the Viewmaster for over 20 years, seeing as how you’re 33 and all. Unless you have some dirty pictures to look at with it. Bam chicka bam chicka…


Don’t be a h8r Lesley. It took him a long time to learn that skill.


Norman, all women are manipulators. It’s in the genes.

Lesley, what Renaldo said. I have book lining skills. Girls like guys with skills.

Thanks Renaldo!


Lesley, what Renaldo said. I have book lining skills. Girls like guys with skills. Oh no, you found us out! You’re right, us womenfolk spend hours discussing the book lining skills of our potential sex partners. Damn, I thought that secret was safe! And I am a woman AND I am not a manipulator! Why would you say something like that? Sometimes I feel like you don’t care. Why are you ignoring me? Doesn’t what I say matter? What are you thinking? Fine! If that’s how you’re going to be, then I’m just going to sit here and sulk. If… Read more »


Is Lesley saying you’re a potential sex partner?



yeah, but I’m the master.


Book lining is just one skill among many. I’m more interested in the guys with the skill of replying to their blog comments. Because as a commenter, it makes you feel appreciated.

Oh wait… damn.


Norman, I can bait very well. I’m a master at that.

Lesley, he never replies to his comments. He doesn’t care people take the time to say something on his blog. He just ignores them.


I think Stewie did a very nice job of lining everything up. If I was gay those would be the types of skills I’d be looking for.

Lesley’s just full of the hateration when it comes to people having skills.


Lesley’s just full of hate, Renaldo. 🙁