Republicans and Democrats can suck it.

With voting day right around the corner, my mailbox has been absolutely flooded with fliers from both parties telling me why the other sucks. For the past two weeks, I’m getting no fewer than 8 of these things in my mailbox each day and sometimes on my door. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve pretty much decided to vote libertarian across the board because that seems to be the only party that is not sending me massive amounts of junk mail. That works out pretty good, because I pretty much hate the way the party system is now in the States anyway.

One thing that’s really annoyed me, though, is the “Vote No On Question A” bullshit that’s been coming in my mail. For those that don’t live in Maryland, they are planning to put slots throughout the state, and one of the locations happens to be near a mall, so there’s been this HUGE push to not allow it. What annoys me about these ads is they keep stressing that they don’t want the slots in “a family friendly” mall. Well, jackasses, for one, it’s not in the mall. And secondly — and more importantly — Arundel Mills Mall is far from family friendly. Anyone who ever goes to it will tell you that.

However, my opinion on the Question A dramatically changed when I got this flier:

Now wait a minute! Apparently, Question A hasn’t been about slots at all. It looks as if voting no on Question A will keep crying kids out of the mall, so then all I have to worry about is muggings. Sweet!

Yeah, I’m totally voting no on Question A. Nobody likes a whiny brat.

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I’ve been to Arundel Mills and I totally agree with your assessment. I would also vote no because they used the word “ain’t” in their propaganda. Ain’t ain’t a word.


Totally agree about the junkmail. I got one the other day that was in an envelope marked “Important Tax Information.” I open it up and it’s a flier for some guy running for governor. That’s just f-ed up.


The spending for the mid-terms was disgusting.