Believe me, he’s contributing…

Yesterday, Norman posted a blog about how she was frustrated with her husband not pulling his share when it comes to taking care of the kids. Read the blog, I think Norman had some valid points.

One of the things Norman was mad about was her husband didn’t wake up when one of the kids tried to wake him to take care of the monster in the closet. Part of me didn’t think he can be blamed entirely if he’s a heavy sleeper and just didn’t here the kid trying to wake him. I was going to post that thought in the comments, but fuck me, I didn’t want to take a chance with all the man hating going on in the comment field.

One of the things I noticed is a few of the stay-at-home mom’s were bitching that their husbands didn’t do their share.

Well, goddammit, he shouldn’t have to. His share is going to work and providing the money for the house, the food, the cars. Your share is taking care of the kids, keeping a clean house and having dinner ready.

And I feel the exact same way if it’s a stay-at-home dad. It doesn’t matter if the parent at home is the wife or the husband.

It amazed me that some of the commenters expected their husbands to work 40 plus (assuming it’s full-time) a week, and then come home and do 50/50 of the taking care of the kids. Fuck. That. It’s not like he’s not contributing, I mean, hell, you do have a place to live, right? Food? Electricity? Medical insurance? Believe me, he’s contributing.

Hell, and you have it lucky. He has to work with assholes all day. Granted, your kids may act like little assholes sometimes, but not every day. Not to mention the commute, the bosses, the customers, etc. Every job, be it the one at the home or the one away from home, has it’s ups and downs. Deal with it.

Let me make something clear — I side with Norman. She works full-time, as does her husband. The late night wakeups should be 50/50 and she should crack her hubby in the ass if she feels like he’s not pulling his share.

But to the stay-at-home parents (be it moms or dads) who expect 50/50, you are out of your fucking mind. Completely. I realize raising a family and running a house is a full-time job, but it’s your full-time job. If you don’t think you can handle the responsibility without fucking bitching about it, talk to your significant other about making different arrangements.