Oh and…

I went to Midas today to get my oil changed. I was there so long,  I lost track of time. But here’s what I watched while I was waiting (in order):

  • One episode of Law & Order
  • One episode of The Closer
  • One episode of Law & Order
  • Kill Bill
  • The beginning of Kill Bill 2

I get to repeat the process next week.

This is one of those times where being single is a disadvantage. If I were dating and/or married, I would have had a ride to take me to and back. And breakfast.

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That is one hell of a long wait. Some decent tv though. At least you weren’t stuck watching the Price is Right. What you need is a bike so that you can hop on your bike and go to some fun diner during endless waits like that (or maybe your Midas is off a highway). The date/wife works well only if you each have a car (really rare here in Toronto, but maybe more common down your way)


Thank god it wasn’t crap. Worse case scenario, though, I would have started streaming Netflix since I had my laptop. Ironically it would have most likely been Law and Order that’s in my que.

The Midas is on a major highway and there is virtually no public transportation where I live. Unless you live in a major city here, you are screwed. 🙁

(And, to be fair, I probably wouldn’t ride a bike anyway. I’m entirely too lazy for that. lol)


You don’t need to have a significant other to get a ride. You could also get them from friends.

What were you watching this stuff on? Your phone?


That’s true, but the friends I would call live an inconvenient distance away. Normally I’m prepared for a wait, but not so much yesterday.

My Midas is pretty awesome (all things considered). It has wireless (so I bring my laptop) and they have a TV (with cable) in the waiting room, as well as a DVD player. There have been times when it was just me in there and there’ll be a movie playing that is still in theaters. lol.


“Thank god it wasn’t crap”

But in your post you said it was The Closer, Kill Bill and Kill Bill 2. I’m confused.


I’d never seen The Closer before Saturday and it didn’t suck. Kill Bill is fine. It’s fun watching and looking for the movies Tarantino stole from!