I’m cool with that, too…

I’m finding a real hard time feeling sympathy for Jill Carroll, the reporter who was abducted in Iraq.

Let’s go through a couple things.

She’s a woman.
She’s an American.
She’s a freelance reporter for The Christian Science Monitor.

Oh yeah, IN IRAQ.

Can’t imagine none of these things are good.

The Monitor reported:

“A few months after the US invasion, she left Jordan for Iraq, prompted by the desire to show to as vast an audience as possible the human tragedies caused by the war and the hardships of the Iraqi people.”

“The kidnappers who abducted her could not have chosen a more wrong target.”

Um, I’m thinking terrorists don’t do a background check on the American reporters before they kidnap them.

And here’s what gets me, it’s possible that some soldiers may have to put their life on the line to save her. As if the soldiers don’t have enough to worry about, they may have try to save the life of someone who shouldn’t even be there.

If she is released, and she goes back over, and gets kidnapped again — and that would be no surprise to me — I hope the U.S. government does nothing to help.

As it looks right now, the government isn’t getting involved, and I’m cool with that, too.

You put yourself in a volatile situation, you have no one to blame but yourself.