Spending $100 at Taco Bell.

So today when I got back to my desk from lunch, I saw I had a message on my office phone. And my cell phone. If I had taken that moment to check my home phone, I would have learned I had a message on that too. All of these were from the same caller: my bank. Seems like they really want to reach me.

Naturally, I called them back when I heard the message. After giving the lady some information, she asked me if I had just spent $100 at Taco Bell. Fair question since I just got back from lunch and I love me some Taco Bell, but $100 is a bit pricey for that place, no matter how good the grilled stuft burrito is. I informed the lady that, no, I did not in fact drop a bill on Taco Bell. She then suggested I log into my account and see if there are any chargers I did not make, which I did. There were three more:

$112.15 – Panera Bread
$184.79 – TJ Maxx
$101.89 – Walgreens

Seriously, what kind of ghetto ass motherfucker with access to a shopping spree goes to TJ fucking Maxx? And Walgreens and Panera Bread and Taco Bell? I have to assume the with the last three maybe they got some cash back? It makes no sense. Hey! I found $500! LOOK OUT TACO BELL, HERE I COME!!11!1!1!!ONEUNO!!

I’m not pressed here. My bank is pretty damn awesome. They caught it (relatively) early, they froze the card until the reached me, they canceled the card after talking to me, and have already started the process to getting me my money back. So kudos to them.

On a brighter note, I saw this on Imgur today:

That is Jaws playing on that screen. Those are people on rafts in the water watching it.

That is Jaws playing on that screen. Those are people on rafts in the water watching it.

Seriously, how amazing is that?

Today’s deal is a good one. You can currently get theĀ Blade trilogy on Blu-ray for just $12.99!

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(If you can’t see that image, turn your damn blocker off! Or click here for the deal.)

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