Ever since I bought my Escape a few years ago with the fancy Sync technology, I’ve been listening to podcasts a lot more. Mainly because I can just stream them through my radio via the Bluetooth. The problem, though, is going through the limitless podcasts out there and finding those nuggets of gold worth subscribing too.

While this is an ever-changing and growing list (and will no doubt be moved over to its own page like the Soul Cinema and Dragon Dynasty collections), here’s what I’m listening to more or less regularly right now:

First up,  I use Podkicker Pro to handle my podcasts. Mainly because fuck iTunes and I’m not a fan of the Stitcher app. The only downside is if you can’t find an RSS feed for the podcast, you are kind of screwed, but I’ve only run into that one time (I’m looking at you Two Guys, One Mic OMG GET A PROPER RSS FEED).

These are going to be in order as they are listed on Podkicker because I can’t be assed to put them in a ranked order.

Blood Lust with Bailey Jay – This one is only three episodes in as of this writing, and I’m already really digging it. It’s a horror-based podcast (most of these will be), but Bailey doesn’t review movies. The first three have been her talking to people about horror in general. I love this because everyone reviews movies. Heads up, Bailey Jay is a porn star, so be wise when searching her out.

Clublife by Tiesto – The only music podcast on this list. If you like trance/techno, this is for you. This is what I generally listen to every day on the metro when I’m reading.

Harmontown – Led by the creator of Community, Dan Harmon, this one is just funny. I’ve never been disappointed (and I’ve never seen an episode of Community). I have to assume if you like Community, you’ll like this. (And make sure to watch the documentary Harmontown too.)

Invisibilia – This one is under the NPR umbrella, and it’s about the “…invisible forces that control human behavior – ideas, beliefs, assumptions and thoughts.” It’s sciencey without feeling sciencey.

Knifepoint Horror – While I’ve only listened to two episodes of this, I really like what I’ve heard so far. Basically it’s someone telling you a scary story. I found town, the first one, absolutely terrifying.

Kumail Nanjiani’s The X-Files Files – I first heard Kumail on the above-mentioned Harmontown and found him funny as shit. He mentioned this podcast a couple times and I finally got around to listening to it and I’m hooked. Basically, he’s going through The X-Files and discussing some key episodes from it. He also has guests each week. I’m only up to the beginning of the second season, but he’s had Mark Snow and Dean Haglund as guests. I’m really digging this one, especially since I’ve been watching The X-Files off and on lately. Side note, Kumail stars in the HBO show Silicon Valley and is probably one of the best hosts of the podcasts listed here.

Lore – For the lack of a better description, I’ll just steal it from its site. Lore “…is a bi-weekly podcast about true life scary stories.” For example, the last one I listened to was about H.H. Holmes’ happy hotel. Once I get my credit card back, I’m going to support this guy on Patreon, I think.

Radiolab – The best way I can describe this one is it’s like This American Life, but with more science. I love how this is edited.

Serial – If you listen to podcasts and have not heard of Serial…I don’t know what to say. This blew up last year as it told the tale of a murder in Baltimore and how possibly the wrong man was convicted for it. It’s currently between seasons, so if you haven’t listened to the first season yet, you should do so now. The best part about it is it’s (relatively) even handed and unbiased. I don’t think Adnan Syed (the man convicted of the murder) is necessarily innocent, but I think he deserves a new trial (which he’s apparently getting). A podcast born out of this, Undisclosed: The State vs Adnan Syed focuses ENTIRELY on his case. I want to like it more, but it’s hard for me to get into because they really are biased. However, you might like it even if you think like I do because my buddy Darrell digs it and he also thinks Adnan isn’t completely innocent.

Stuff to Blow Your Mind | Stuff You Missed in History Class | Stuff You Should Know – These three fall under the “How Stuff Works” banner and I enjoy them all almost equally (I like Stuff You Missed in History Class a bit more than the other two). I don’t listen to all of the episodes in each of those, but I do usually download one or two each week. If you dig Discovery Channel (when it used to have cool shows that taught you things), these will be up your alley.

Sword and Scale – Pretty much a true crime podcast. The dude that does this puts a LOT of work into his research and it really shows. Episode 20 is one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever listened to.

The Black Tapes Podcast – If you like the supernatural and you like the podcast Serial, this one is pretty damn good. I’ve seen it described as “The X-Files meets Serial” and that’s spot on. The acting is a little weak at times, but I am really enjoying it. So much so, I’ll be contributing to their Kickstarter.

The Horror Show with Brian Keene – If you read horror, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be listening to this. Each week Keene discusses a wide range of topics, as well as scoring some great interviews.

This American Life – I honestly don’t know how to describe this, so I’m going to paraphrase what’s on its site. Basically each episode takes a theme and tells different stories based on that theme. It’s usually feel good episodes and I’ve not yet been disappointed in an episode.

Three Guys with Beards – Another new one that if you’re a reader of horror novels you should be listening to this. It’s authors Christopher Golden, Jonathan Maberry and James A. Moore hanging around shooting the shit. With guests.

Welcome to Night Vale – You know how I’ve said on a few of these that I didn’t know how to describe them? I take all that back. This one I have no fucking clue how to describe. The show’s website says, “WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE is a twice-monthly podcast in the style of community updates for the small desert town of Night Vale, featuring local weather, news, announcements from the Sheriff’s Secret Police, mysterious lights in the night sky, dark hooded figures with unknowable powers, and cultural events.” That is kind of accurate, I guess. It’s a lot of fun.

There’s about 5-8 more that I am testing the waters with, and if I end up enjoying them, I’ll post them on the page I plan on making with these.

I’ll also update this post with said page’s link.

And since you read through all that without complaining, currently Amazon has Poltergeist II III on Blu-ray for just $7.99! Same with Oculus! (If you don’t see those prices, make sure you click the “new from” link.)

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