Today was chill.

Today was a good day. The a/c guy, David, came out and took a look at my heat pump. Unfortunately it wasn’t the capacitor like I had hoped and like my buddy Roman had suggested. That was the first thing David looked at and said he would have been surprised if that was it because he had replaced that a few months ago when he had replaced the motor. It ended up being something else that cost some money, which was fine because what am I going to do? He seems like a solid guy, he has a great rating on Angie’s List and I don’t know shit about heat pumps, so there’s no complaint here. All I know is my a/c is working after being without for 24 hours and that money I spent today was well worth it. I think the next time it breaks down I’ll just replace the whole thing. That thing is at least 14 years old, well past its prime, so I’ll probably be looking at a new one in the next year or two.

The whole thing was pretty good all around. I’ve been trying to get a handle on my anxiety lately for a variety of reasons, and I took this whole heat pump situation in relative stride. It didn’t stress me out nearly as much as I thought it would, and that’s a good thing. I’ve been stressed the fuck out for the past year and I can’t figure out why, and it’s been affecting my health. Lately I’ve been trying to use some techniques my therapist has suggested and those seem to be working somewhat. I may even start taking Yoga at the Y up the street from me. They have a class every Sunday from 5 – 6 and since I’m generally not doing anything anyway, I might as well go see what it’s all about. Even if it doesn’t help, there’s will surely be some ladies wearing yoga pants, and that will help with the stress.

I also got good news in our staff meeting today. I’ve been really buried at work lately with new hires requesting laptops, and my co-workers are doing me a solid and helping take some of that load off, freeing me up to train another department on how to train new laptop users. Basically, if I can get them all trained up, it takes a HUGE amount of work off of me so I can focus on other things. I’m really looking forward to this, and after today’s meeting, I’ll be getting the help to get it done sooner than later.

The good hits kept coming because my credit card FINALLY arrived in the mail, so I was able to pay off a few outstanding Kickstarter projects and renew my Sirius/XM account for another 6 months (at a GREAT price, about $5 a month). Plus, after talking to the folks at my bank, they mentioned a deal they had on their credit card, which happened to be 0% interest on transfers and new purchases for the first 12 months. The guy seemed surprised when I told him how much credit card debt I had. It’s pretty low, but it’s not low enough where jumping on this deal wouldn’t save me some money.

To cap off a pretty decent day, I got some work stuff accomplished from home and then watched An Honest Liar3 Days of the Condor48 Hours, and the first 30 minutes of Above the Law. So, yeah, today was a good day.

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