Italian knockoffs.

So it’s Friday and that means another edition of Friday Fun. If this is your first time hearing of this glorious event, it’s basically dinner and a movie at Zig and Anne’s, my friends, house. It’s more of an experience than an event, though.

Tonight’s dinner is hamburgers and dogs from the grill, some cookies courtesy of Sarah (they are being baked now if I’m not mistaken), and I brought the Safeway version of Cinnabon (don’t you fucking judge me).

Zig decided on a shark theme for the film tonight, and we never go obvious, so Jaws (and its sequels) are out of the question, as well as Sharknado and its ilk. Instead we’re doing The Last Shark (aka Great White) or Cruel Jaws (aka Jaws 5), or possibly both, time depending. Both are Italian knockoffs of Jaws, which is a fascinating topic in itself and one I’m not nearly educated enough to talk about. But you should look up Italian knockoff movies of the ’80s. It’s pretty fascinating.

Here’s the trailers for what we’ll be getting into tonight. Don’t be jealous.

[amazon template=iframe image2&asin=B00VAVNN5W]

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