I know I say this often…

In my spare time, as I have most undoubtedly have mentioned in previous entries, I review movies for HorrorTalk.

I really love doing it, although I do get a little overwhelmed, sometimes, when a bunch of movies come in the mail at once. And, my editor, Ace, gets just as overwhelmed. But the sonovabitch gets it done, so (myspace) kudos to him.

One of the best things about reviewing movies — aside from the free movies — is sometimes you get some kickass recognition for something you have written. I've received some stellar emails from some stellar people. People like Mick Garris (director of Stephen King's "The Shining" and Sleepwalkers), Leslie Orr (Patty in The Manson Family–hawt) and various other kickass emails.

Hell, a few entries back, I met a person in 'real life' who has read some of my reviews.

Quite simply, that shit rocks. Sure, the average joe may not know who the hell Mick Garris is, but to me, that's what makes writing 'views worth it. I dig Garris' movies, he dug one of my reviews. Fuck yeah.

One of the things I most wanted when I started doing this gig was to get on a box cover. It wasn't something I strived for because, admittedly, I suck at writing the tagline. It's something I always work on, but, for some reason, it's just not my skill. I'm either too wordy or the fact that I refuse to write a dreaded cliche or whatever. I don't know.

But that doesn't matter. Because Fear of Clowns came out today.

I've been waiting for months for this movie to come out. Months. Because that "…frightening…" you see on the cover? That's from my review.

I don't give a shit that it's ellipsed. I don't give a shit that the whole line isn't on there.

Something I fucking wrote is on the box cover of a movie released by Lionsfuckinggate and is being sold nationfuckingwide.

I know I say this often…

But can I get a fuck yeah! 


Much thanks to Aric, Ace and Fred for various reasons. Rock on, gentlemen.

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Very cool. Me am jealous!

Aric Blue

And another fuck yeah!


Fuck yeah!

You earned it! All one word of it!


Thanks everyone!

Back-handed compliments and all!


Congratulations 🙂

WooHoo!!! I’m really pleased for u…although watching horror movies for a living OMG…how d’u sleep!?! :-0

Freak Magnet

Fuck Yeah!!


Fuck yeah!

I’m sooo jealous you’re going to KT Tunstall. What’s the venue?


I’m jealous of the KT Tunstall too. Do you have her cd? Could you hook me up? PLEASE? 🙂


hotdudi – Thanks! Sadly, though, I don’t review horror movies for a living. Yet.

freakmagnet – Fuck Yeah!

Bellerina – The venue is a simple stalki… uh… signing at my local Borders. I’m gonna touch her.

Lesley – No. Because you are taking money from me. Once I express my love to KT, and we get married, simply giving you CDs is going to affect my income.


I find it so ironic you have the hots for a chicky named KT. I am just saying.

It could be like a Folgers commercial, “We have secretly replaced Stewie’s usual KT with an imposter KT. Let’s see if he notices…”

And then Silicone Sally shows up. And the noise of my boisterous laughter is heard in the background…


Holy hell.

I just snorted.



One day…I won’t b so blonde!!

Oooh…wait, that’s not politically correct is it!?!

No offence to any real blondes out there…

Or fake ones…

Am I just digging an even bigger hole here!?! Damn it! :-/



Would have been better.

Good job!


First agreeing with him on Wallace and Gromit, now this.

Why don’t you just renounce your citizenship and move in with your new BFF, Neon!


Oh, and thanks!


That is why I am the one and only TRUE BFF.

Yuck Feah!


Hello! Exactly!

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