$31 hamburger and fries.

I love travelling for my job. I have been to many, many places that I otherwise would not have been able to go if it wasn’t for my work. I’m in a fortunate position to truly love my job. I know, I know, that looks like I’m being a big brown noser, but considering so few people even know about this blog, much less those in power where I am employed, I can assure you I’m being sincere.

Plus, I happen to work for a place that does pretty goddamn well, and has office locations worldwide. The former works out pretty good because I’m always staying at a posh hotel. The latter used to be awesome, but then we did this merger thing and I no longer get to travel to Europe. But hey, there’s still the West Coast and a variety of other offices sprinkled throughout the United States.

Last night I was in DC helping out with something at The W. At first glance, I guess you can consider this hotel fancy. A welcoming and friendly hotel staff (at least at checkin), a pretty nice room with a sexy red light right inside the bedframe, an $18 room service hamburger and fries with a healthy sounding name (like farm raised organic beef or some shit) that ended up being $31 after service charges (so you know it’s good!); you know, the usual for posh places. Well, until the fucking dog started barking.

Yeah, so at about 8:oo or so, I hear this dog barking from a nearby room. I thought that was odd because, you know, a dog in a hotel. But whatever, I figured it would quiet down or its owners would shut it up. I should be so lucky. The thing barked for about an hour, so I hit the concierge button on the phone and spoke to someone. He was cool, but he couldn’t help, so he transferred me to someone else who he thought could. In this hotel, this person was called the “Whatever, Whenever” guy. For real.

His response, “We can’t do anything unless it’s happening after 12.”

“No, wait, what? I have to deal with this for another three hours?”

“Unfortunately, but I can send someone up to talk to the owners.”

What kind of bullshit is that? What kind of ghetto ass hotel allows unattended dogs to bark for hours? I don’t know, maybe it’s me, but that policy is a big pile of shit.

The dog kept barking.

At about 10:30 or so, I called back to get a room change. It was ridiculous. It was a mixture of barking and mewling and the owners CLEARLY weren’t in the room, and if they were, they can go die in a fire.

“I’m sorry sir but the hotel is at max capacity. But I can send security up and they can talk to them.”

Talk to who exactly? The assholes who left their dog in the room so they could go out drinking for hours while their pet barked incessantly? Seriously, those are some jerks right there.

That dog finally quieted down at about 11:30. The owners must have come back. The hotel didn’t do shit, and they clearly didn’t care.

So if you are ever in DC looking for a nice place to stay, The W is not that place. It is in no way, shape or form worth the $199 rate that I’m looking at right now. I’ve had better night’s sleep at a $40 Econolodge. Fuck this hotel.


Credit where credit is due, I just talked to a gentlemen named Dawaun, and he seemed to genuinely give a shit about the suck night I had. So I will say The W has a great employee in him. It’s their pet policy that is ass.

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Kev Kango

Him caring means jack shit unless he gave you a refund or a future credit on a room, as in for free. Fuck the fake caring. I do that shit all the time.


You’re right of course. I think him making at least an effort with his limited power is what I found was acceptable. Ultimately, I’d never recommend the hotel and will go out of my way to suggest people not stay there. Honestly, what kind of shithole “can’t do anything” when a dog is fucking barking in a guest’s room.