Much more than I anticipated…

A couple of weeks ago (or maybe a month, who knows), I was checking out the bands coming to The Rams Head Tavern (a local bar).

I’ve yet to go to a concert at the Ram’s Head because, generally, I don’t want to drop $40 on someone who I’m not a huge fan of. And a band that I really like has yet to come to Ram’s Head (except for Billy Idol, which I missed, which is unfortunate because I heard he put on a helluva show).

As I was perusing the list of upcoming artists, I saw that KT Tunstall was only 12 bucks. It seemed like a damn good price, but I had not heard anything by her at all.

I brought it up to my friend, Rosie, and she said that I would probably like her, considering some of the stuff that I’ve listened to.

So I picked up Tunstall’s CD, listened to it over a weekend, dug it a lot, went to get tickets the following Monday and, sure enough, they were sold out. Fuckity.

I checked Tunstall’s website to see if she was playing anywhere else in the area, but I was out of luck.

A couple of days later, I was checking out the upcoming events for Barnes & Noble and Borders to see if there were any authors I wanted to hear read. Well, low and behold, KT Tunstall was doing a signing at the Borders near me the same day she was going to appear at The Ram’s Head. I can dig that.

So I went up today and, in addition to the signing, she did a small acoustic set. It was only three songs, but it was much more than I anticipated.

She opened with “Miniature Disasters” (I think), then played “Other Side of the World” and finished with “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree.”

Good times.


Yeah, that one of me and her pretty much sucks because the dude took the picture before I was ready. But I can pretty much live with it even though it looks like I’m a deer in damn headlights.

Oh, and a public plea: If you plan on going to a show where people are going to be standing close to you, for fuck’s sake, where some deodorant. Someone standing next to me obviously didn’t have good hygiene.


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Freak Magnet

Your life is just FILLED with awesomeness, isn’t it?

Glad you got to see her.

Maybe you’ll let me borrow her cd? Maybe?


you lucky lucky bastard! I can’t believe you got to be in a photo with KT Tunstall!

Your life is so much better than mine!


Rosie. x

Carrie Ann

I just hope that dude’s B.O. didn’t latch on to you. That would have been unfortunate if she thought you were “the stinky”! Just thought I’d give you something to obsess about.


freak – my life is filled with awesomeness because I am so awesome. It’s the circle of Stewie.

Rosie – actually, I have you to thank for that. It was your rec that got me listening to her in the first place.

Carrie – I did not think about that. At all. I will have to hope for the best because that dude es tee ay en kay stank.


The photo looks fine… and are you sure it wasn’t you? I’m not saying it was. Just saying you might want to check. I worry about stuff like that.


I agree that the photo looks fine. But are you wearing sunglasses on top of your head? Ummm… do you also wear your cell phone on a belt clip?

I’m just asking.


He has to constantly have eye protection around for his one good eye, Lesley. Way to point that out and make fun. Like he’s not self conscious about it enough already.

Is she grabbing your penis in that pic? Is that why the pic stops where it does?
And yeah, I hate that lack of hygiene too. Some people!


ace – i’m sure it was me. the court date i got for stalking has my name on it and everything. lesley – please refer to renaldo’s comment. because of an eye injury suffered at the tender age of seven, i must wear sunglasses most of the time. even indoors. it’s very rare that i take them off, and since it was a special moment, i quickly placed them on my head. i obviously did so not knowing the fashion rammifications. so, basically, you turned something special for me into crap. thanks. renaldo – once again, you are a true… Read more »