Me and that there dog have issues…


That there is my sister’s boyfriend’s dog. That there dog has tried to bite me on the ass numerous times and has succeeded once.

Me and that there dog have issues.

One night I went over my sister’s place to hang out.

We were watching TV, having a grand time, when my sister said, “Stand up, Stewie, I want to show you something.”

I stood up and she said, “Give me your hand.”

I did.

She took my hand and hit her arm with it, making a big deal about it.

The dog, who had been laying peacefully beside her jumped up and went insane.

Then it lunged at me, trying to bite me.

Me, being the quick thinker, grabbed my sister and held her between me and the dog. If that little bastard was going to bite me, he would have to get through her. The downside of course was my sister continued to yell and scream like I was hurting her, making the dog more insane.

Finally, my sister, laughing, calmed the dog down. The dog gave me a look and laid back down.

My sister thinks she is funny.

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Is that a boxer? I love boxers, and now I know why.

Freak Magnet

That is hilarious. I’d do the same thing if I was your sister.


ROFL…that’s mean…& ever so slightly harsh…ROFL…but soooooo funny!!

I feel for u…no…really I do!!! ROFL!!

Aric Blue

Ok, fucker, someone has to teach you how to do blogs. Here’s a small DO and DON’T list for you:
DO update as often as possible
DON’T not post for a week then do 3 posts in a day. Come on, bitch! Space it out! Pace yourself!


That’s two on Monday, dumbass. And the first one was a public service announcement. :p

renaldo, freak and hotdudi, may a boxer bite your ass.