A line needs to be drawn…

For those of you in favor of sex offender registry, kiss my ass.


Here is a perfect example of why this law is so incredibly flawed:

Could this happen to your child? Your brother? Your friend?

Genarlow Wilson sits in prison despite being a good son, a good athlete and high school student with a 3.2 GPA He never had any criminal trouble. On the day he was to sit for the SAT, at seventeen years old, his life changed forever. He was arrested. In Douglas County he was accused of inappropriate sexual acts at a News Year’s Eve party. A jury acquitted him of the allegation of Rape but convicted him of Aggravated Child Molestation for a voluntary act of oral sex with another teenager. He was 17 and she was 15.

Along with the label “child molester” which would require him throughout his life to be on a sexual offender registry, Genarlow received a sentence of eleven years — a mandatory 10 years in prison and one 1 year on probation.

Strangely, in Georgia two teens can have intercourse and it is a misdemeanor but if they engage in oral sex, it is a felony which mandates a minimum of 10 years in prison. If two teens engaged in heavy petting, that could be felony Child Molestation.

ABC Chief Legal Correspondent Chris Cuomo interviewed Genarlow in prison. Hear from Genarlow yourself and realize the grave injustice of his ten year prison sentence. WATCH ABC’S PRIMETIME LIVE THIS THURSDAY, MARCH 9 at 10pm est.

The January 2006 issue of Atlanta Magazine provides a full account of the grave injustice and problem with Georgia law.


That’s right, kids.

He was 17 and got a blowjob from a 15-year-old.

Now he’s doing 10 years.

And, when he gets out, he has to register for the rest of his life.

I take fucking issue with that.

What makes it worse, people will see him on one of those online sex offender pages and make an assumption.

Look, I take no issue with the neutering of repeated rapists and child molesters. No issue at all. But to put someone’s name and address on the internet after they served their time is stupid. Not because people shouldn’t know, but people, by nature, are retarded. They jump to conclusions and react without checking the facts.

A line needs to be drawn on who registers and who does not. Because something is very wrong with the way it’s (not) working now.

I hope this kid gets out of it.