I laughed…

I’m an agressive driver.

Not so much that I tailgate people, or run them off the road, but I do not put up with any dicking around by other drivers–if it’s within my control.

Today I had some errands to run, so I headed to the highway. I got on the on-ramp and immediately prepared to merge.

I noticed a truck coming up on the lane I was merging into, so I sped up.

So did he.

So I sped up more because I was running out of room. And, as soon as I did, he did.

This motherfucker wasn’t going to let me in. And it wasn’t like he couldn’t get over one lane to let me in–the two lanes to his left were empty. He was just being a dick.

So, since I was running out of room, I started to drift over.

I was watching him in my side mirror the entire time I was drifting.

I saw him start yelling.

I saw him honking his horn (heard it, too).

I saw the front end of his car dip down quickly as he put on his brakes.

In my review mirror, after I was over, I saw him throwing his arms up in disgust as he yelled at me.

I laughed.

Fuck you, you old bastard. Maybe next time you’ll show some courtesy.

I know he was probably pissed off for awhile afterwards.

That makes me smile even now.

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I am that driver sometimes…but I don’t brake. I have almost ridden people off the road that tried to bull their way in. I don’t care; hit me–I can use a new car.


Actually – people merging onto the highway should yield to oncoming traffic. I shall have to ticket you. What’s your drivers license, address and full name please? I’m doing a citizens traffic arrest.


Aric – that’s the thing, I wasn’t trying to “bull” my way in. I was just trying to get in. The asshole kept speeding up when I did.

Norman – I’m pretty sure that what the guy was doing was, ironically enough, aggressive driving–which is against the law in MD. 🙂

Freak Magnet

Norman, don’t argue with Stewie. He is the King and the Highway is his domain. The sooner you learn that, the better off we all are.


Finally! The voice of reason!




Drivers obviously just don’t have the same common courtesy that we have Stewie! It’s just RUDE!!