And no one can tell me any different…

You’re no better than anyone else.

I’ve always hated that saying. Because it’s bullshit. I’m better than a lot of people. A whole slew of them. And no one can tell me any different.

One day, the ex and I were driving along having some sort of discussion or another when I informed her that I, in fact, was better than a lot of people.

“You are no better than anyone else,” she replied.

“Yes I am,” I said. “Not only am I better than some people, I’m better than a lot of people. A whole bunch of people. Countries of people, even.”

“No you aren’t,” she told me. “No one is better than anyone else.”

“Except me.”

Now she was getting mad.

“No you aren’t,” she said, her patience wearing thin.

“Yes I am. Are you saying I’m not better than Ted Bundy?”


“Charles Manson? Osama? OJ? Some crackhead? Some gangbanger shooting some kid in a drive-by? That lady who drowned her kids? Should I keep going?”

“You’re an asshole.” She said, pissed.

“That may be, but I’m better than a lot of other assholes,” I laughed.

Obviously she didn’t know me very well.

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I’m better than a crackwhore. I think


Not only did she not know you very well, but I’d say it’s a safe bet you’re better than her, too.

Good riddance.


I don’t think you’re better than Ted Bundy. That guy ROCKED!


Norman, that remains to be seen. I shall let you know this week.

Lesley, damn, skippy.

Aric, I can see your point. Bundy was certainly good at what he did. I’m still better than him, though.

I haven’t been caught.


ooo!!! Yeah – you’re not better than Jack the Ripper!!!! He NEVER got caught!

Miss Jodi

I agree with you, Stew. There are a LOT of people in the world that are better than others.

I’m a member of that club, too (I think) 😉