I’ve just closed my eyes again.

Of all the electronic devices in my house used to watch media, my Roku is probably in the top 2. In addition to the standard ‘channels’ you can put on it like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, there are a plethora of other channels available. Channels like Comet, Pluto TV, Periscope, and more have found their way onto my Roku box.

On occasion, I go through my channels and delete the unwatched and expired ones and add new ones that I may or may not ever get around to using. I was doing this the other night when I came across one called “Lucid Dreaming”. I’ve had a half-assed interest in lucid dreaming since I first heard of it, but I never really did any research on it. The short of it is, if you practice, you can take control of your dreams.

The channel has a bunch of little chapters, about 2 minutes each, on what lucid dreaming is, the history of it, how it works, and how you can do it. I watched many of these chapters with some interest, and made the decision to do the tips. I tend to dream often, especially now that I’m getting more sleep with my CPAP machine, so I figured what the hell. And couple the CPAP machine with melatonin — a sleep aid that has the “side affect” of vivid dreams — and you have a party. One I like going to.

One of the things the channel suggests is to keep a dream journal, which I’ve started. I’ve already logged two dreams and I’m debating on making a page on this blog specifically for those dreams. However, the very fact that I’ve started a dream journal makes me feel like a pre-teen girl who is writing about her dream dates with Johnny.

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Kev Kango

Yeah, I studied lucid dreaming back in college and tried to make it happen–one of the tips I’d read at the time was to constantly be asking yourself–“Am I awake right now?” so that at some point you’ll ask yourself that while you’re dreaming, and then realize that you’re dreaming, and then you can take control of it all. Never worked. I think I gave it like 2 weeks of trying.


I’ve done enough without really trying, and I did it the night before last (albeit temporarily). I think if I keep practicing a little, it won’t be too hard since I’ve done it in the past with relative ease. I just need to do more off exactly what you said, the whole, “Am I awake right now?” That’s my number one problem. I get so caught up in the dream, I forget I’m dreaming. But I’ve changed course more than enough times to know that I can probably do this with practice.